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Everyday GODDESS: Barbara Wilder

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barbara wilderBarbara Wilder’s greatest passion is to bring Light into the dark corners of our hearts and minds and help shift human consciousness into the vibration of universal love. Author of the widely acclaimed “Embracing Your Power Woman” & “Money is Love,” she’s an extraordinarily gifted intuitive healer, coach and teacher, focusing on embodying the Divine Feminine in every aspect of life. Deepak Chopra says, “…she teaches women how to access and nourish their deepest selves.”

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

Being an Everyday Goddess for me means being an expression of the Divine Feminine in my daily life and in my work. Our society is out of balance because the Goddess has been shunned and demonized for several thousand years. For our world to become a place of peace, joy, and abundance, the Goddess must be returned to her position as the Divine Mother of All once again, and Her blessings of love, nurture, caring, and sharing, to name a few, must be given a place of honor in our society.  My greatest passion is to help this evolution and reconnection to Divine feminine power become grounded in the world through my own personal life and my work, helping as many women as I can experience and express their true powerful Goddess natures.

At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

As a little girl I was very connected with the fairy world. I saw and talked to them in my garden. My family said I had a vivid imagination. Of course, later I learned that the Goddess cultures of ancient times all recognized the fairy world. They are the spirits of the trees, flowers, streams, all the parts of the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother Earth. I was a part of the feminist movement in the 70s and 80s.  I personally worked in the motion picture industry where I broke down barriers and held jobs that had traditionally had been only held by men. Though I did achieve a level of success, the movie industry really was an uncomfortable fit for me. I wasn’t able to adjust my emotional senses to a setting that would numb me enough to play in that dog-eat-dog arena.
I knew I was powerful, but I could sense that it was a different kind of power than the dominating kind of power or power over others. I didn’t like the idea of “making a killing” in a deal. But I did want success. I wanted to express all of who I knew I was since my childhood talking with the fairies. Btw: My talks with the fairies didn’t stop in childhood. I am in communication with them daily and have been throughout my life.  Then when I was 45 I went to England to be married. For foreigners to get married in England one member of the couple must live there for 3 weeks. So, I went ahead of my fiancé to meet the requirement. I thought of it as my “bride time.”  It was a true Goddess time for me. I walked along the beautiful rivers, had spa days, and planned the wedding. During that time I ventured into a Stone Circle called The Maumbury Rings had an experience that changed my life forever.  When I entered the Rings I suddenly felt like I’d entered another dimension. I walked to the center and sat down on the wet grass. And suddenly I was surrounded by a dark violet mist and the sound of drums began to fill my ears and vibrate through my body. And then I had an extraordinary vision of pre-historic women dancing around open fire pits with drummers beating out the rhythm of what I felt was the heartbeat of the Earth herself. And I saw in the faces of these ancient women a fierceness like nothing I’d ever seen, and I realized that it was the untamed feminine power that ferociously nurtured the fledgling human race and kept it alive in an untamed wilderness world. In that moment I awakened to the true magnificence of power of the Divine Feminine, and I have been teaching, and writing about it ever since.

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

I don’t think I had to deal with this as much as some. I have striven all my life to live authentically. I got married when I was 18 and a sophomore in college, because I was studying to be an actress, and I didn’t want the distraction of dating and sex to get in the way of my career, so I got myself a permanent date. And after college I packed up my husband and one year old baby and moved to L.A. to pursue my acting career. This was in the sixties, when women with children stayed home, and their husbands went to work. Most of America was still living in the Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best mentality. I always worked, and I always aspired to follow my dreams and my calling.  The one traditional role that I did adhere to was my role as mother to my son. No matter what else I was doing, I was first and foremost a mother. That role I would never change.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

Though I felt like I was powerful as a woman in the first half of my life, it was in the transition into the second half of my life that I stepped into my true feminine power.  And the gifts have been amazing. I have connected with my true calling as a spiritual teacher, visionary, author and transformer. I realized at 50 that there was an incredible change taking place inside of me as I entered menopause, and that instead of getting weaker, as was the expectation, I was actually getting stronger. As I explored this awesome experience I came to realize that with the death of my child-bearing biology a new powerful person was gestating in my metaphorical womb. I began teaching other women about what I dubbed the birth of our Power Woman. I realized that now that we are living so much longer women in the second half of life have the potential to become the most powerful force for good and change in the world. We have immense life experience in all fields, and when we connect with our true feminine powers of love, caring, sharing, nurturing and creating, match them with our knowledge, wisdom and experience, and then put our second half of life juice into them we are unstoppable. My course became a book called, Embracing Your Power Woman: 11 Steps to Coming of Age in Mid-Life, which was enthusiastically endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Shirley MacLaine, Jean Houston, Caroline Myss, and other strong voices in the community.  Around the same time I began my work in the field of Sacred Economics, and actually my first book Money Is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money is considered to be one of the foundational works in the field. The philosophy espouses reconnecting Money with the Divine Feminine principles of Love, caring, sharing, and abundance for All, to replace the crumbling fear-based economy, and create a new love-based economy.  I’m working on a new book now called Creating a Sacred Marketplace which will be out in 2014.

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

I meditate every morning in front of my altar, where Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion (She is actually the feminine expression of the Buddha) is the anchor. She is flanked on one side by Kali the Great Goddess of all creation and destruction, the cycle of death and rebirth, and on the other side by Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of all the abundance of the Divine Mother Earth. I call them into my mediations to support and teach me their wisdom.  I bring them flowers, and flower essences. I Light candles in their honor. I spend time sitting in nature in my own garden and in the wild chatting with my fairy friends who have always been with me. I swim in sacred pools wherever I find them in the world, immersing myself in the water of the Divine Mother.  I sit on the beach and allow the creative force that is our Mother’s huge ocean to wash into me, and I give thanks to Her and give Her blessings, often by throwing flowers into Her powerful waters.

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

I have told you about Kuan Yin, Kali, and Lakshmi in my response to the earlier question. I think the other Goddesses who call to me are the Marys. Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene.  As a child I was drawn to the story of Jesus and his Mother Mary. I felt like I knew them, and possibly I did in a former life. As a child I think I loved Mother Mary because of her sweetness. What I have come to understand about her now is the power and strength that was or is also present and a part of her sweetness. I’m learning that being sweet and dear and kind is not separate from being powerful and strong. Together they are the qualities of the Divine Feminine.  As an adult I came to love Mary Magdalene as well. I never felt good about Jesus not having a wife. And I never, even as a child, felt that Mary Magdalene was bad. She always fascinated me especially as I became a teenager.

Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

The personal message that I would like to share with my sisters is first that we are sisters, and when we love each other and support each other we are strong, and when we compete with and criticize each other we weaken ourselves and each other.  We are meant to join our powerful feminine voices together in one song — A song of Peace, Joy, Abundance, Creativity, Caring, Sharing, Healing and you name it.  When we do that we can change the world. We are the hope of the world. And in loving ourselves and each other we will set a luscious Goddess example for the fellas as well. Feminine wisdom is absolutely necessary to carry the human race into the new era.  We have the Power — the Power create a beautiful new world where all our children and grandchildren can thrive.

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Featured GODDESS: Isis

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Ancient egyptian woman


Goddess of Motherhood, Magic, and Fertility

“The magic you seek is within you. Call upon me to help uncover your greatest strengths.”





Traits Isis Embodies:

  • Fertility
  • Nurturing
  • Magic
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Inner Knowing


How to call on Isis:

[Okay, this story is kind of gross, but you’ll understand why she was Goddess of Motherhood, Magic, and Fertility.] After Isis’ brother Set murdered her husband Osiris and cut him into 14 pieces (those ancient Egyptians were vengeful!), Isis trekked across the world to find the pieces of her husband Set had scattered. Having found 13 of the 14 pieces, Isis used her magic to put Osiris back together and then sought the help of the God Thoth to craft the missing piece (Osiris’ penis). Fully equipped (!), Osiris was able to impregnate Isis. She then gave birth to the skygod Horus. Call upon Isis when you need help calling upon your inner magic to fertilize and give birth to your dreams.


Prayer to Isis:

 Isis, Great Mother, Goddess of Magic and Wisdom,

Hear my prayer!

I am having trouble with [insert problem here]

I need to unlock my inner wisdom

So I can resolve this issue and give birth to a better version of myself

Please show me the way.

Thank you Isis!

 Say this prayer right before bed as the answer you seek will likely come to you in a dream.


Tribute to Isis:

Isis’ symbol was the star and her flower, the rose. Plant a rose plant in your back yard or on a pot on your back patio under the light of the moon and stars and watch your life flourish!


Tuning Into the Wisdom of Your Heart

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heart broken openGrowing up, I was taught that logic should win over intuition, science over ‘gut feelings’, brains over heart. But that left me feeling rather cold and unnourished and felt too ‘masculine’ and ‘academic.’

Deciding to drop everything this past Fall so I could focus on my healing, I rediscovered something unexpected: my heart. Buried under layers of hurt and old wounds, I had sheltered my heart so I wouldn’t get hurt. That’s how I was able to stay in a loveless and unfulfilling marriage, how I was able to keep doing a job that didn’t feed my soul, how I survived.

But when the Universe keeps hitting you with Cosmic 2x4s – my divorce, move, breaking my heel for the second time in two years – something has to give. I’ve shared how I had to change my thinking to focus more on be-ing instead of do-ing, how I’ve had to re-learn how to walk in my power, and how I’ve had to learn to let go and trust the Universe to provide. But what I neglected to do was to throw my heart into the mix. I was scared. I didn’t want to get hurt again. I thought if I protected my heart, I would – in turn – protect myself. I was wrong.

Something happened to me in late November. Three months after getting a divorce and moving, I met a man. I wasn’t looking. I didn’t want a relationship. I wanted to focus on healing. And then he walked in my front door. Literally.

And my little heart that had been hidden beneath those layers of pain broke open. And re-awakened. And hurt. Goddess, how it hurt. But I realized that that’s what I needed. You can’t heal – not truly – while keeping your heart sheltered. You have to open up and put everything on the table, knowing your heart might need to get broken again in the process for you to truly heal the past wounds.

And let me tell you, there have been days when all I wanted to do was slam the door to my heart shut again. Days when it just hurt too much. Days when I was blinded by my tears.

And so I journaled and painted and am working through my old wounds. Is it comfortable? No. Does it need to be done? Absolutely.

As another year comes to a close, I encourage you to examine your heart. Are there any wounds that need to be healed? Are there any past grievances that need to be forgiven? Any old grudges that need to be let go of?

This year we are fortunate enough to have New Year’s Day fall on a New Moon. Before you go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve, I encourage you to hold a release ceremony to let go of any past hurts, wounds, and grievances so you can begin your New Year with a clean slate.

Ask your heart the following questions and journal her answers:

1)      What wounds do you still carry?

2)      What grievances or grudges do you still hold?

3)      How are these serving you?

4)      Are you ready to forgive, let go, and move on?

5)      What do you want to let go of? (Be specific.) Who do you need to forgive? (Don’t forget to include yourself on your forgiveness list.)

Release Ceremony

Get out a blank piece of paper and fold it into three parts. On the first part, write: I forgive. Then list the names of everyone you need and want to forgive. On the second part, write: I let go of. Write down everything you need to let go of. On the final portion, write: I release. Write down everything you need to release. Re-read your paper to make sure you didn’t leave anything out.

Once you are satisfied, get out a lighter (or match) and fire proof container. Rip your paper into the three parts along your folds. Light the first part on fire, dropping it into your fire proof container, saying: I forgive you. Once that has burned completely, light the second strip, saying: I choose to let you go. Once that has burned, light the final piece, saying: I release you, I release you, I release you.

Sit in silence for a few minutes.

Get your journal back out. Write down everything you want to attract in the New Year. Keep this list somewhere safe but where you’ll see it often – in your wallet or purse, perhaps. Look at it often to remind yourself not only of what you’ve let go of but what you want to attract into your life.

Let your thoughts, feelings, and actions follow your dreams.

Happy New Year!

Finding My Voice

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“[Women] have been programmed by the media and society to DO, strive and out-perform in order to meet a standard that in reality just can’t be met. For many, the Superwoman cape has become a second skin. It becomes a part of the illusion of who we believe we must be in order to be loved, appreciated and valued.” – Linda Joy, author and publisher of Aspire magazine

5th chakraLike many women, I have a tendency to put myself at the very end of my unrealistically lengthy  to-do list. Why?  It’s the Superwoman Syndrome; this desire to be all, do all, and do it better than anyone ever has before you.

I was talking to a friend the other day about this. Most of the women we know that were born of the baby boomer generation were told they could be anything – well-meaning advice from parents who struggled to get their basic needs met. Unfortunately, that translated from “I can do it all” to “I have to do it all or I am less than.”

I think this Superwoman Syndrome has led to a generation of women who are people pleasers. It’s almost become a byproduct of what it means to be a woman in today’s society – we are the nourishers, nurturers, caregivers. Yet, we aren’t being those things to ourselves.

We’ve been so pressured to “be all” and “do all” that deep down we think we’re somehow flawed if we can’t meet the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves. So we do things for others rather than ourselves because we want their love and approval.

But here’s the thing: if we can’t give those things to ourselves, how can we expect or accept them from others?

You can’t. Not truly. Because somewhere inside of us is a little girl that thinks she’s not worth it in and of herself. That she has to do more, give more, be more, to get the love and appreciation she so desires.

And so we keep on….

Until the dam breaks.

You can only wear that Superwoman cape for so long before life comes around to bite you in the butt. Linda Joy calls life’s little (and big) events that send us reeling Cosmic 2x4s. Life has hit me with more Cosmic 2x4s than I care to count, but I’ve finally come to realize one thing:

We have a choice in much more of our lives than we think and that disruption caused by that Cosmic 2×4 is the Universe’s way of sending you a message: It’s time to take care of you.

I’ve been talking about self-care so much lately and I am taking this opportunity to hone in on it once again because I think it is so important.

As I have been working on healing my chakras, I’ve come to realize that another sign of the Superwoman Syndrome is doing what everyone asks of you with no complaint. We’re “yes” women. It’s like we don’t know how to say, “No” to something we don’t want to do. Or somewhere along the line our “no” button got broken.

Yet, it’s more than that. I think many of us have lost our connection to our inner voice – so much so that it has to be screaming at us for us to hear it. And even then, we rarely listen to it.

But denying your inner voice is another form of self-sabotage and another habit that needs to be let go of. You can’t take care of yourself if you constantly ‘turn off’ your inner guidance system. If you ignore your intuition – the little warning signs leading you away from bad situations and the little pushes encouraging you to speak up and move forward when you need to.

As so as I work on healing my throat chakra, I am paying more attention to my inner voice. I frequently ask myself the following questions as I go through my day:

  1. What can I do to take care of me in this moment?
  2. How am I feeling right now?
  3. Where’s my energy level? Do I have enough to give from my overflow or should I be holding on to whatever limited energy I have available to me right now?
  4. How can I best honor me today?
  5. And before I say yes to anything, make any decision, I try to make a point to check in with me: Do I really want to do this? Does this best serve me? And if the answer is no, I say “no” to that request, make a different decision.

We’ve got 3 weeks left in the year. Don’t you think it’s time you found your voice again? I’d hate for us to start the New Year silent and submissive. And while you’re at it, hang your Superwoman Cape behind the door. Or preferably, throw it away. It’s not serving you either.

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

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stepping outsdie your comfort zoneIf I’ve learned nothing else this year, it’s that comfort zones are over-rated. Unwilling or unable to grow, to move forward, sometimes we choose to stay ‘stuck’ in our comfort zones. And while they may be comfortable, they’re rarely good for us. Why? Another term for comfort zone is ‘rut’ – and who wants to be stuck in a rut?

Now, I’m not talking about giving up your favorite old flannel PJs or the hot chocolate you must have when it’s cold outside, I’m talking about actions and behaviors that you keep doing that no longer serve you.

Confession time: I have been on crutches for four months now and throughout that time I have used them as an excuse not to live my life. Invitation to a party? I can’t go; I’m on crutches. Chance to go out with girlfriends? That won’t work for me – I’ve still got this cast on. Choosing to have oatmeal every day for dinner because it’s quick and easy? Well, it’s not like I can cook!

On and on, the excuses have been flying quickly and easily off my tongue. But the truth of the matter is: it’s not that I couldn’t go to those places or that I can’t cook a nice, warm soothing soup for myself; I chose not to because I didn’t want to. Because it was more comfortable to stay at home and eat oatmeal.

At first, that was fine. Comforting. And then I saw a close friend. “You look gaunt,” she said. “I’m worried about you.” Gaunt? “What are you eating?” Um… oatmeal? “How often do you get out of the house?” Um… only when I absolutely have to?

As much as she begged and pleaded, I didn’t want to listen. I was fine – trapped in my comfort zone – thank you, very much.

And then the Universe sent a miracle my way in the form of another friend I hadn’t seen in a few years. He was only going to be in town for two days and who knows when he’d be back. If I wanted to see him – which I did – I was going to have to get out of the house.

He sensed my struggle. The first day he came to me. I cooked for him – turns out, crutches don’t really get in the way of that. We talked and laughed for hours, and I remembered. This is what’s it’s like to have a good time, to step out of your comfort zone a little.

The second day he asked me out to lunch. Out – as in outside of my house – with another friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I went. And then to dinner with even more people – some I didn’t even know. And I had fun. I did fine. Me and my crutches.

And that’s when I realized something. I was back. I was me again. Yes, I’m still on crutches, but the Mary that doesn’t let a little thing like crutches stop her is back. The woman who doesn’t make excuses and goes after what she wants has come out of hiding. The goddess within has re-emerged.

I saw the friend who told me I looked gaunt the last time I saw her a few days ago. “What happened to you? You look fabulous!” Yep. I feel fabulous too. Sometimes getting outside your comfort zone will do that to you.

But I think my friend who was in town for a mere two days summed it up best when he said:

“To truly ignite your passion, you have to be willing to take a risk. Be it emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical. By opening yourself up to a new experience, you will find yourself.”

And that’s just it. In using my crutches as an excuse so I could stay in my comfort zone, I lost myself, my passion for life.

I’m back.

Everyday GODDESS: Shannon Kaiser

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ShannonKaiser_Bioshot_1-296x300Shannon Kaiser is considered the Joy Guru and has been labeled a modern thought leader on the rise by CafeTruth. She is the bestselling author of “Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest” and five-time contributing author to the book series Chicken Soup for The Soul.

An international life coach, inspirational speaker, teacher and travel writer, her website has been awarded top 100 Self Help Blogs on the internet.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

Being an Everyday Goddess means living my authentic truth. Honoring my body’s natural wisdom, and always aligning myself with love and source.

At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

I was 27 when I hit rock bottom. I was in a career I hated, addicted to bad men, drugs and over working. I remember crying on the bathroom floor saying I need help; it is exhausting to be someone you are not. And at the moment I felt a calm presence flood over me and I felt supported and loved. It was as if the angels were hugging me and my inner voice and me said, Follow your heart. A immediately took action and changed direction in my life to align with my inner hearts true desires. That moment change my life forever, I woke up and was awake to allow the energy around me to support and guide me.

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

Everything changed when I woke up to my true purpose. I could no longer stay the way I was. I left a corporate career in advertising, I quite all drug addictions cold turkey, the funny thing is because I was aligned with source it became easy and natural to get rid of everything that was unhealthy. I stepped away from all toxin and negative situation and people.  And my relationship with self had to change. I started to respect and love myself, which meant I no longer felt comfortable polluting it with toxins.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

Self Love

An awareness to the depth of life and unconditional love

And an unconditional compassion for all people, places and things.

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

I start each day with a gratitude practice. I wake up and spend 3-5 minutes in full gratitude, hugging my dog and thanking the universe for the things that pop into my head. Another daily practice is my motivational mantras, I repeat inspirational messages and set a daily intention for each day. The mantras become guidance to keep me connected to my true authentic self.

I use these same mantras with my coaching clients and I witness miracles and lasting transformation. It is so amazing to see what can happen when we show up for ourselves.

I also look in the mirror every day and instead of berating myself as I use to I compassionately say, “I love you, you are doing the best you can and that is enough, you are enough.”

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

Kristine Carlson is one of my dear friends, mentors and clients (because I do graphic design for her). I love being around her because she is the most authentic person I know. She truly practices what she preaches and lives in integrity. She does not sweat the small stuff at all, which is so beautiful to see people shinning in their truth. She is the best example of this. The world needs more love and light and she is one shinning star.

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Everyday GODDESS: Susun Weed

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Susun-May18-08Susun S. Weed, a green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening support and nourish health/wholeness/holiness.

She has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations for three decades. Ms. Weed's five herbal medicine books focus on women's health topics including menopause, childbearing, and breast health.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

 An Everyday Goddess is not different from a Goddess who lived 30,000 years ago. The Goddess is All: She gives birth and She gives death. She sings with the plants and is a sister to the animals. She wipes noses and washes pots. She creates, she organizes, she dreams, she cries, she rages. To be an Everyday Goddess one need only claim oneself as the Goddess.

 At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

At the age of 28 I came out as a Lesbian. Within the year I was a Lesbian separatist. For the next seven years I listened only to music written and performed by women, read only books written by women, went only to entertainment created by women, lived with and spoke only to women. Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book Goddesses in Every Woman was a guide for myself and a group of women who spent those seven years identifying with those seven Goddess archetypes. We built a temple for each Goddess and devoted a year to her. We lived and breathed each of those seven Goddesses. Artemis was, of course, the one who spoke most to me; the one I most identified with. Now, I encourage all my students to work with a Goddess archetype.

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

I needed to free myself from social expectations, from the way I thought I had to present myself as a woman. You know: sweet and smiling no matter what. I had to learn that tears will not do the work of anger.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

Serenity, bliss, strength, flexibility, laughter at myself, freedom from my own manipulation, real love (from overflow, not from need), and the lush, lavish landscape populated by women who love all that a woman can be.

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Every morning, and at every class I teach, we begin with a talking stick ceremony. Talking stick was gifted to me by Yewenode Two Wolves/Twylah Nitsch/She Whose Voice Rides the Wind. She was the wolf clan grandmother of the Seneca Nation. The talking stick is the great tool of peace. Everyone has an opportunity to be seen and to be heard, without interruption, during the talking stick ceremony. This ritual was created by women who lived (and continue to live) in a matriarchal, matrifocal culture.

Every night I light a small pink candle and put into it all the worldly woes I have heard about that day from friends, family, and those I teach and mentor. As it burns, those woes are released into all that is and the Goddess uses them to fashion what is needed. Women are magnets for the troubles of the world and it is vital for each woman to have a way to move those problems on. Whether in prayer, meditation, or the simple act of burning a candle.

Once a month we gather for the moon lodge. Moon lodge is a ritual that honors all women in all phases of their lives: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. In our moon lodge we sing and dance and pass the talking stick. We share our wisdom and reweave the healing cloak of the Ancients. I hope you get a chance to join us sometime. We have been holding moon lodge ceremonies at the Wise Woman Center for almost 35 years. .

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

During my fertile years I was Artemis, also known as Selene, as Diana. My mother gifted me with the name Diane, so she must have known that she had given birth to a wild woman who runs in the woods with the deer and shoots the arrows of truth. Artemis is the goddess of the moon. She is the goddess of the birthing woman and the goddess of the midwife. She is the goddess of the herbalist, those who work with green blessings. And she is the goddess of the woman who chooses to live alone.

After menopause, Artemis began to look a little young to me. Though I know that many people see me as Baba Yaga – and I have been represented as Baba Yaga in both The Goddess Oracle  (Amy Sophia Marashinsky) and Goddess on Earth (Lisa Levert)I knew that I had to choose a Goddess who resonated with my innermost being. After all was said and read and dreamed upon, my choice was clear: The Statue of Liberty is my Goddess archetype for the Crone years of my life. She even wears a headband (with spikes)!

Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

You are the Goddess. Every breath is a blessing. Every step is sacred. Be the Goddess in all you do, in all you dream, in all you speak. She is all that you can ever imagine. In fact, She is greater and wider, broader and more complex than your wildest imaginings. Let yourself be Her. Claim your power to be all that you are, all that She is All.

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A Dose of Self-Forgiveness

By | Goddess Wisdom, Wisdom Blog | 2 Comments

4th chakra

As I’ve been working my way through healing my chakras and learning to love, honor, and respect myself again, I realized something: instead of being my own best friend, I’ve spent most of my life being my own worst enemy. Plagued with self-doubt and self-criticism, I let go of the important qualities of self-trust and self-forgiveness.

So as I put the finishing touches on my heart chakra painting and began to work on the throat chakra, I realized that for me to love myself and speak my truth, I had to ease up on myself and forgive my past mistakes. So I spent my weekend trudging through some of my worst decisions. Not with the purpose of blaming myself yet again for my perceived failures, but to allow myself forgiveness and begin to rebuild the self-trust I lost long ago.

What I realized is that self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-blame were what lead to those perceived errors in judgment. Had I listened to my inner wisdom at the time I made those decisions, I likely wouldn’t have made them. But at the time, I made a different choice. A choice to please someone else. A choice based on what other people thought or wanted me to do.

Yet, when we make decisions from a place of fear, we will usually be led astray. But when we make decisions from a place of self-love, self-acceptance, and open communication with what our Soul truly desires, we make decisions that honor us.

As I went through past mistakes made my 20-year-old me, 36-year-old me, etc., I used this eye of self-awareness to retell those stories. Rather than blaming myself for not making the ‘right’ decision and following my inner guidance, I forgave myself for not trusting my inner wisdom. After all, I spent most of the last 20 years with blinders on – preventing me from even knowing I had an inner guidance system, yet alone being able to trust it. Fortunately, it’s much easier to forgive yourself when you realize you were doing the best you knew how to do at the time. Even if those decisions were made to please someone else. Even if those decisions were made from a place of fear. Even if in those decisions, you sacrificed yourself. There’s nothing to blame yourself for. You were doing the best you could with what you had at the time.

As my mother likes to say, “All you can do is all you can do.” And that’s true, but I’d like to add something to that: Act from a place of your highest good and you will always make the best decisions for you in that moment. Then let it go. No second guessing. No ruminating. No wondering, “what if…” And if you do make a choice that’s not in line with your highest good, you should be the first person in line to forgive yourself. You’re only human after all.

If you find yourself in a place of self-doubt over an impending decision, answer these questions:

1)      Which choice will be for my highest good?

2)      If I am drawn to make a different decision, why would I choose something that wasn’t for my highest good?

3)      If I make a decision not in line with myself, will I regret it? How will this impact me in the long term?

4)      What’s one thing I can do to make it more likely I will trust my inner wisdom in this situation and make the right decision for me?

And if you’re going back and second guessing a decision you already made, ask yourself:

1)      Why did I choose to make this decision?

2)      What about that decision was good for me? What about it was bad for me?

3)      Did I feel pressure from external forces to make a decision that wasn’t in line with my higher good? If so, who was involved and why did I choose to give them my power?

4)      The next time I find myself in a similar situation, what should I do?

Then listen to your inner wisdom. She always knows what’s best for you. If you need a little help, call on Sige, Goddess of Silence and Wisdom. She can help steer you in the right direction by teaching you how to go within and listen.

Until next time, trust in yourself. You’re the only one who can.



Featured GODDESS – Sige

By | Featured Goddess | No Comments

Young woman showing quiet handsignSige

Goddess of Silence


“In the stillness that lives within you, you find all the answers you seek.”





Traits Sige Embodies:

  • Inner wisdom
  • Silence
  • Rest
  • Softness
  • Surrender


How to call on Sige:

According to Gnostic philosophy Sige is the Mother of All. She existed before anything else, the true feminine within all of us. Her partner, Proarche, was the original masculine energy. Together, they birthed Thought and Will. All wisdom and knowledge comes from Sige, as she is all knowing and all seeing. To call on Sige, you simply need to go to your own inner silence. Focus on nothing, let your mind still, and let your inner wisdom take over.


Prayer to Sige:

Sige, Silence, Mother of All

Hear my prayer

I know the answers to what I seek lie within me,

Hidden beneath the shadows.

Help me unveil all I need to know, to understand

Help me to trust my inner voice, inner knowing

In this I pray

Thank you, Sige


Tribute to Sige:

Sige loves it when you meditate. That is the ultimate tribute to her. Silence your mind and let Her wisdom flow through you.