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Finding Me

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full moon over water at nightI was helping a client with self-esteem and self-trust issues last week. At one point I asked her, “Do you love yourself?” Her response? “I don’t know.”

I feel her pain. I’ve been there. Quite recently, in fact.

If you had asked me if I loved myself in 2012, I would have said, “Yes, of course!”

But I was wrong. You see, I thought that if I had high self-esteem, that meant that I loved myself.

What I came to realize when everything fell apart for me in 2013 is that my “high self-esteem” was a façade, a warped reflection, a mask covering my deep self-loathing and resentment. And that I really did not love, honor, or value myself at all…

You see, 2013 made me realize that I had ignored my self-love tree for so long that it had virtually withered away.  I had to start over. But how do you do that? How do you learn to love yourself again – unconditionally – when self-love has been absent in your life for so long?

The first step for me was finding myself again because somewhere along the way I had lost myself. Lost the connection I had to who I knew I was at my core, to my Soul’s Purpose in this life. I was so busy ‘doing’ my life that life had passed me by. I was 40-years-old, yet felt utterly lost and alone – more so than I ever had in my life. I knew something had to change, but what?

It was time to dig deep, reconnect the girl I once was with the woman I had become. But I was scared because I wasn’t sure I’d like the answer. Trusty purple pen in hand, I got out my journal and asked myself:

Who am I? In the core of my be-ing?

If someone else were to describe me, how would they answer the following questions?

  • What is she like?
  • What does she like to do?
  • What does she dream of?
  • If she could be or do anything what would it be?


Then I made myself go back and answer those questions for myself.

  • What am I like?
  • What do I like to do?
  • What do I dream of?
  • If I could be or do anything what would it be? What would I do?


What shook me to my Core was the realization that those answers didn’t match up – at all. The “me” I presented to the world was vastly different than the “me” I knew I was at my Core, the “me” I really wanted to be.

So I embarked on a journey, a journey to find the real me. A journey to act based on what I knew the real me wanted to do. I turned a few heads. The old me – the people pleasing, “Yes woman” me – was gone. My coworkers were confused. Why was I not agreeing to take everything on my plate now? Why was I saying “no” all of a sudden? My friends thought I had grown two heads and sprouted wings, and I lost some of them in the process. But then, if they couldn’t accept the real me, then they were not true friends anyway.

But you know what? I feel more grounded than I ever have before. Yes, there are days where my inner Superwoman still challenges me for saying no. When my inner mean girl questions every decision I make and tells me I can’t do “it” – whatever “it” is.

But deep in my soul, I know the real me. I found myself again. And this time, I am not letting her go.




How Do You Fall in Love with Your Body?

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belly loveJust as it is, with all its imperfections? I wish I knew. But despite the fact that I have researched disordered eating and exercise behaviors for over 15 years, I still don’t have the answer. What’s more, I have been in denial about my own body dissatisfaction for years.

Last week, we talked about the Woman in the Mirror. I shared my self-love vow with you. And yes, I have been saying it to myself every day. What I’ve noticed is this: reciting the words is not the problem. Looking at myself in the mirror while I do it is. You see, although I counsel men and women suffering from body dissatisfaction and eating disorders nearly every day, I never bothered to look in the mirror and face my own. My therapist and I have skirted around it. My friends and ex-husband have expressed concern over my thinness over the years, but it was usually in a complementary or joking fashion. I never took it seriously.

Until this past weekend. A friend called me on it. He flat out said, “You have anorexia” and proceeded to read the diagnostic criteria to me. I know the criteria – I spent most of last week writing lectures on eating disorders for my upcoming class on the Psychology of Eating. And, yes, I sort of recognized myself in some of the criteria for anorexia, but not all. I had decided that if I had an eating issue it wasn’t that serious. After all, as a health psychologist and holistic health and lifestyle coach, I am the epitome of health, right?

Wrong. Somewhere along the way I bought into society’s notion that thin was healthy and took it to the extreme. I usually fall within the normal weight for my height, but just barely. I’ve justified continually striving to be borderline underweight by telling myself I was small boned. That I didn’t have a lot to support, so I didn’t need the excess weight. But that’s a lie. While I am small boned, my resistance to gain weight had nothing to do with my bone structure and everything to do with fear.

Fear of being called fat. Fear of having to go up a clothing size or two. Fear of not being thin anymore. Fear of losing control over my eating and not being able to stop. So I have been controlling it, strictly, in the name of health.

This past weekend, I took a cold, hard long at my relationship with food and exercise. Do I calorie restrict? Not intentionally. But I am vegan and gluten-free. Veggies don’t have a lot of calories. Do I exercise too much? Not anymore. But, that is a problem I dealt with in the past and I am cognizant to not go down that road again. It’s a constant struggle, especially with my recent decision to join a gym again. Do I eat enough to sustain me? Quite frankly, no.

At the end of the day Saturday, I had consumed 1400 calories. Based on my weight, height, and activity level, I should be eating at least 2000 calories a day. More on days that I’m active. Oops.

Apparently, I have a problem with my body image. There I said it. And I use food (conscious and unconscious calorie restriction) and exercising more to cope when I’m stressed. I feel oddly free and weighed down at the same time to get this off my chest. It’s a lot of pressure to put on myself. And it hurt like hell when my friend said, “I don’t want you to die of what you’ve been researching all these years.” Ouch.

So I’m coming clean and reaching out for help. Here on the blog, with my friends, my therapist, and my health coach. I’m committed to gaining weight. Yes, that means I’m going to have to eat more – what will likely feel like a lot more. And yes, that will make me uncomfortable. But I owe it to myself. I have been blogging about self-love and self-care for months. What better way to show my love and care for myself than to eat enough to meet my needs and be at a truly healthy weight?

It’s not going to be easy. And I may fall off the wagon a few times, but I know the Goddess has my back and my friends will keep me honest as I embark on a weight gaining journey this Spring. The Goddess has told that March is going to be my month. So I’ve got until then to put on some weight. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.


The Woman in the Mirror

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mirror-dream-954919-mHave you ever looked in the mirror and faced a moment where you were unsure of what you were doing with your life? Last week, I talked about recent events that left me doubting my path, but it’s more than that. Doubting my path is only a metaphor for doubting me. And self-doubt stems from a lack of self-love, self-trust, and self-acceptance.

I had tea with a friend on Saturday, who is also a spiritual teacher. She’s fabulous at calling me on my issues. You can’t get anything past her, and for that I am grateful. She made me realize that despite the fact that I performed a release ceremony on New Year’s Eve and have done two more since then, I haven’t released anything. Because I’m afraid to. Because I don’t know what I will have left if I release my old patterns. Though they may not be healthy, they’ve served me in the past. And I have enough self-doubt in me to wonder what will happen if I ever truly released those old patterns that no longer serve.

Yes, I went through the motions. Yes, I wrote what I was going to release down and burned it – three times now! Yes, I took the cleansing bath and said the words to attract Love into my life. But the reality is: had I truly released what needed to be released, I wouldn’t still need to release anything after three separate release ceremonies. But I do.

Here’s the thing: as a psychologist, I know that we will not give up our old ineffective coping methods until we have something to replace them. So when we ‘release’ anything, to the extent that we were still getting something out of that thing and have done nothing to replace whatever we were getting out of it, we won’t be truly able to let go. And that’s where I find myself: stuck in old patterns of wanting to let go, wanting to release, but unconsciously not being able to because the old patterns are still – in their warped way – serving me.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to face the woman in the mirror. Instead of release, maybe the question should be: What do you really and truly want to attract into your life right now?

So do this with me. Go stand in front of your bathroom mirror, look deeply into your eyes in the mirror, and say the following words (yes, it will probably be awkward, but trust me on this, it’s powerful):

Hello beautiful!

I know I haven’t been treating you as well as I should.

I know I haven’t been listening to you.

I’ve been ignoring your wants and needs.

I’ve been ignoring YOU.

But I vow to you today that is going to change.

From this moment forward, I promise you I will put you first.

I will take care of you.

Be there for you.

Be the best friend you ever had.

I will show you such Love, Honor, and Respect you’ll be astounded.

Because you matter, you truly do.

In fact, nothing matters more than you and your happiness.

You deserve it, Beautiful.

You deserve to have your wants and needs met.

And I’m going to make sure it happens.

So what do you want right now, in this moment?

What can I do to show you how much I love you?

Listen and wait for an answer to bubble up.

I promise I will get you _______ [whatever the answer was] _______ [give a time frame – preferably right now; if not, then ASAP!]

You’re worth it.

I love you.


Feel free to stand there and bask in your self-love as long as you need to. I recommend you repeat this mirror ceremony at least once a day – more if you need to – until it becomes second nature. Until you don’t keep having to have this conversation with yourself. Until you find yourself journaling spontaneously every day about all of the things you did that day to show love to yourself.

Give yourself the love you need, sit back, and watch the Universe double it.

Until next time.

I Love You!




Everyday GODDESS: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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shiloh 2Shiloh Sophia McCloud has dedicated the past seventeen years of her life to the study and practice of art as a spiritual discipline as well as to helping equip women with the tools and understanding to develop their own creative potential. As a leader in helping to build a transformational art movement, Shiloh lives and teaches a philosophy that all art forms are tools for individual, social and spiritual transformation.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

I think of myself as a Maestra, which is an less modern word from 1700’s which means a master in any of the arts. So I think of myself as both working in the old ways, and in the new ways of the feminine. I don’t think of myself as a Goddess per say, since that title is so hugely honorous and belongs to HER. But it does mean that I am a part of her great unfolding on this planet. A part of herstory. Of bringing feminine images and wisdom to the forefront through media.


At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

I have always walked with her in one way or another, but it was around 23 that I truly had my own awakening with the Virgin Mary as the image of the Divine Feminine. It was gentle in that there was this presence of LOVE but it was also fierce in that my world was turned upside down and all around. Her presence changed everything and that is when I actually entered more deeply into my artist self. She was like my wake up call Mama, awakening me to the passion within myself, and the compassion that was needed in the world by those of us choosing to be awake. That we were each needed to do our part to end suffering, and she began to reveal my role in that.


What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

My life as a creative being is in devotion to HER and so my life choices are based on my relationship with her and whether or not it aligns. Living authentically with her means listening to my heart, body and senses – and living a life of service and beauty. Authenticity is something that changes with time, when you don’t know who you are and what your choices are, then it is hard to live true to them, which doesn’t mean you are not living authentically. For me living authentically is as simple as expressing myself in that given day with where I am.


What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

I became an artist who created images inspired by her, as well as images of women who were living into their gifts. So the big ole’ shiny blessing that comes from connecting with her presence in my life is that I get to be a painter. This has changed my entire life, and now the lives of thousands of other women who work with her image for themselves. And for me, the HER is Virgin Mary but for many of us she comes in different forms and names. LIVING from the space of Her wisdom means that I live my life purpose, living from what I call my soulfire.


Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

When I paint I pray and put my hands on the canvas. I ask her to come through it to me. I write my intention onto the canvas and I call this kind of creating, intentional creativity. This could include anything from rose petals to holy water, to chocolate. I set up altars in my home that represent either the seasons, directions or the theme I am working with in my life at that time.


Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

I am particularly working with the Blessed Mother Mary. For over 50,000 years images of the feminine have been on this planet, our mother has never abandoned us. And Mary is the most recent, as well as the one who brings the medicine of the child of Light and Forgiveness, Jesus.


Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

I believe that every single human being is a creative being with something to say.

here is a poem I wrote to that thought:


 has a dream to live

 Everyone has

 a story to tell

 a song to sing

a dance to dance

 a poem to share

 a healing journey

 a medicinal remedy

 a love story

 a teaching to offer

 a mountain to move

 a gift of wild wisdom

 a plan of action

 a desire to express

 a painting to paint

 a vision to live

 a legend to unfold


especially you


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More of Shiloh Sophia's Goddess-Centered Poetry:


Our Lady of the Red Thread

Our Lady of the Red Thread

According to Thy Wisdom

Open the doors that need to open.

Close the doors that need to close.

Mend that which needs mending.

Let loose what needs letting loose.

Show us the pathway through the tangle.

And lead us not to where we need not go.

Remind us to keep opening our hearts.

And to keep them open during hard times.

Make faith shine like a light in our minds.

And keep us from stumbling, too long, in darkness.


The Courage to Love

May we find comfort

when we feel discouraged.

May we reach out for each other’s hands

when we feel alone.

May we find the courage to love,

even when it is a risk.

Most of the time true loving is a risk.

And well worth it.

May we find the sweet cup of forgiveness

so we can be set free.

May we create space to

make love ~ make art

make music ~ make good food

make tiny gardens ~ make writings

make relationships work ~

make possibilities come to life.

May we make conversations happen

on what is important.
Sacred. Loving. Healing.

Hope. Gratitude. True work.
Growing closer relationships.

Finding abundance when we only have a little.

Giving, when we don’t feel we have much to give.

Living, when we don’t feel like living.

Reaching out, and reaching in.

Giving bountifully to ourselves.

Believing that we are held in the heart of the Divine.

That Creator is Love.

Let’s talk about giving up our bad attitudes.

Surrendering our need to be right
Making the space

that courage needs to express itself.


Our Lady of Everything


our lady of everything

precious mother

hail, ma abundant

so full of grace

blessed art thou

among all beings

we who know you

beyond titles and concepts

blessed is the life-giving fruit

of your tree of life womb

wholly mary-ma

mother of god

praise you

for praying for us

now and in every hour of our need

you love us with everything you are

holding us in your

eternal embrace

beloved cosmic matrix

from which I came

wrap me as a babe

in your blue robe of stars

rock me on your seat of wisdom

sing me your songs

of rose petals and justice

dance Christ's love into my bones

keep me, precious mother

cradled in your milky way

our lady of faith

may I walk the path of truth

that sets me free

teach me how to share your love

with my earthly family

blessed be

our mother of everyone

our lady of everything


Tree of Life Blessing


May you choose outrageous actions

that challenge who you are

and encourage who you are becoming.


May you take one step, however small,

toward that which you have always longed for.
Now is the “right time.”


May you recognize the unique

and powerful contribution that you bring

to the people whose lives you touch.


May you be as wonderful as you really are,

and do things because you want to,

not just because you should.


May you celebrate your creativity

and believe that you are an artist

with a unique vision that no one else has.


May you find peace and purpose

and possibility amidst the chaos
while remaining aware of the unrest in the world.


May you reach towards the Spirit

with a longing that keeps you awake

to the miracles available all around you.


May your faith move any mountains

that stand in your way and bring you

great teachers to awaken your understanding.


May you give up shame, guilt and self-neglect

and replace them with freedom, integrity and
a path of self-nurturing.


May you offer the gifts and blessings of your soul

to beings of the world

when the time is ripe for you to release them.


May you passionately and deeply love

and be loved by someone

who can see who you really are.


May your body speak to you

and teach you how to care

for the temple that houses your bright spirit.


May you walk gently on the earth

and honor your hearth and family

with your action and your rest.


May you find and enjoy the fruit of abundance

so that your life path

can be fortified and furthered.


May you embrace the Tree of Life

and be informed by the wisdom

She brings to those on Her path.


May LOVE be at the center of all your choices

and may you, with me,

send this blessing to all beings. Amen

Doubting My Path

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dawns readingLast week, I shared a powerful release ceremony with you that I used on New Year’s Eve to heal my heart. After releasing 2013, I spent New Year’s Day planning and prepping for 2014. (If you haven’t done that yet, I highly recommend Leonie Dawson’s Life and Biz planners! I use them every year!)

But I found myself stuck, unsure of what I want to create in 2014, unsure of my life’s path. After the turbulence that was 2013 and the end of my sabbatical, I find myself at a loss. Yes, I have goals. But when you’re working full time and none of your goals have to do with your current job, when are you supposed to find time to accomplish those goals?

Then it hit me. Something has to give.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to tea with a group of powerfully intuitive women on Saturday. One of them offered to read my cards using the Moon Oracle Deck. As the deck features not only the phases of the moon but several of the Goddesses featured on this site, I couldn’t pass that opportunity up.

The question I had in mind when drawing my cards was, “What should I do with my business in 2014?”

I had the reader do a Past – Present – Future reading for me, which helps illustrate how your past informs what is happening today, which will inform possible future courses of action.

I didn’t like what the cards had to tell me. They were dead on, mind you, but they only served to make me more confused than I was going in.

The first column of cards represents the past. In bold red and black hues, the past revealed that the masks I was wearing had come off (which makes sense given my Rude Awakening in April 2013), I had escaped my prison (hello divorce!), and I had spent a considerable amount of time resting and recharging (thanks to my broken heel).  All good so far.

The middle column represents my present. Bathed in earthly greens, I have accepted a responsibility to and for myself and am choosing to marry myself rather than my job or significant other. In doing so, I must pull from Athena’s wisdom and courage and practice self-love and self-care in all things. It’s not an easy lesson to accomplish, but one I have been actively working on for months.

The last column in reds and purples threw me for a loop. It warned against me getting too competitive in my business – which I strive not to be despite what marketing gurus tell you. If you read down the line of cards, the message is clear: if I get competitive, my palace (house, business, world) will turn upside down and people will try to manipulate me. When I drew another card for clarification, Ishtar, Goddess of Boundaries, came up, warning me to set my boundaries early and clearly to avoid my possible future.

Being a people-pleaser and “yes” woman, the idea of setting boundaries – as much as I know I need to – truly scares me. The first place I went was to one of giving up. As in, if I just give up my business and go back to being solely a professor, I can avoid all of this. Of course, my Inner Goddess loudly objected to that idea. Still, I’ve come so far and knowing that I am dealing with people that don’t have my best interests at heart is frightening.

So what am I doing? I’m journaling, contemplating, trying to figure out how to best achieve balance in my various businesses and between my work and personal life. You can bet that I will be calling on Athena and Ishtar quite often in the coming year and that I will be avoiding competition and those who advocate it like the plague! In the meantime, I am halfway through Leonie Dawson’s workbooks and I’m okay with that. I feel I need to sit with the goals I wrote down and reflect upon whether they are realistic or not and whether they have my best interest at heart.

I do so from a place of Love, knowing that my Inner Goddess has my back and will always steer me to the right decision. All I have to do is open my heart, trust, and say Yes to Her wisdom!


Featured Goddess: Ishtar

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Goddess of Love, War, Fertility, and Sexuality


“You are a most powerful woman. Call upon me when you feel taken advantage of and I will protect you.”



Traits Ishtar Embodies:

  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Boundaries
  • Feminine power
  • Self-Love


How to call on Ishtar:

Known for being a bit of a Black Widow when it came to her lovers, Ishtar asks Gilgamesh to marry her and he refuses (you can’t really blame him – who wants to die?). Angered, she asks her father Anu (King of the Gods) to punish Gilgamesh by sending the Bull of Heaven to kill him. Knowing his daughter well, Anu declines. Ishtar threatens to bowl open the gates of hell and let all who reside within out to wreak havoc on the world (boundaries, remember?). Anu decides to just give her the Bull of Heaven. Sadly, Gilgamesh kills the Bull and Ishtar’s plot for revenge goes unfulfilled. Ishtar then devotes herself to being a patron Goddess of love and helps all women in affairs of the heart, even helping temple prostitutes learn to set healthy boundaries with the men in their lives.


Prayer to Ishtar:

Ishtar, Divine Mother

Nurturer and Protector of Women,

Hear my Prayer!

I need your Strength, Support and Guidance

In my hour of need.

Help me protect what I hold dear to me,

Most of all myself.

Help me set loving boundaries

That serve to Honor and Protect my body, mind, and spirit.

Thank you, Ishtar!


Tribute to Ishtar:

As Ishtar was a protector of women, especially those being abused, donate your time and money to women’s shelters or organizations that care for victims of domestic violence as a tribute to Ishtar.


Featured GODDESS: Athena

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Trainer holding an Eastern Screech OwlAthena

Goddess of Courage and Wisdom

“Call on me to help you fight your battles in a more loving and feminine way.”


Traits Athena Embodies:

  • Courage
  • Inner wisdom
  • Self-trust
  • Female warrior
  • Divine inspiration


How to call on Athena:

Daughter of Zeus (King of the Gods) and Metis (Goddess of Wisdom), Athena had an unusual birth. An oracle told Zeus that the child he fathered with Metis would be more powerful than he was. Fearful, Zeus swallowed Metis whole hoping that would kill the child within. Several months later Zeus awoke with a powerful headache, and from his head, the Goddess Athena was born, fully grown and armed. Ouch! Fed up with men altogether (and who wouldn’t be after that fortuitous birth), Athena became a warrior goddess and patron of women, teaching women how to ‘wage wars’ and get what they need without spilling blood. Call upon Athena when you find yourself in need of courage, wisdom, and inspiration and when faced with a difficult situation.


Prayer to Athena:

Athena, Goddess of Courage and Wisdom

Lend me Your Strength.

Help me slay my demons with kindness,

My adversaries with wit.

In doing so, I honor them as well as myself.

In this I pray,

Thank you Athena!


Tribute to Athena:

Athena’s favorite companion was her trusty familiar, the Owl. Donate time or money to a bird sanctuary to show your appreciation to Athena.


Everyday GODDESS: Ashley Annis

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Ashley AnnisI am a woman who is trying to do her best in the world–to find a balance between textbook knowledge and intuition, to be confident in myself but still humble and open, to live what I believe and still have time to accomplish what needs to get done, to teach what I know and continue learning. My name is Ashley Annis and I teach fertility awareness because I believe it is what women need: it is learning to respect and understand a mysterious part of the female experience. It is honoring a sacred cycle. It is empowerment and it is beautiful!

What does being am Everyday Goddess mean to you?

It means empowering and educating women. It means being aware of self and aware of others. It means passion, control, empathy, and grace. It is something that every woman can be, if she believes in herself! I consider myself to be an everyday goddess mainly because of the classes I teach: I am a fertility awareness educator and I give women the information they need to understand their cycle, and how to use that information to prevent or achieve pregnancy. There is so much power in that information, and I feel like a goddess each time I give it to other women.

At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

It was certainly gradual and slow. When I was 21 I attended a study-away program in the mountains of Oregon. I lived with 19 other students and 5 professors and we basically just read books and talked for 4 months. I lived with 4 other women that semester, and these women completely changed my perspective on what it meant to be a woman and a mindful human being. They taught me about using cloth pads, about eating locally and organically, they taught me I didn't have to be in competition with other women and that women have completely different gifts than men. We danced late into the evenings, we howled and played under the full moons, we shared our stories, we laughed and cried. It sounds so cheesy when I retell the story, but that semester changed everything. During that time I was also introduced to the idea of God as Mother, which was completely new to me. I always understood God to be a man, and so switching my idea of the divine to a woman totally rocked my world.

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

Everything! After my semester in Oregon I came back to family and friends who were very confused at the things I was saying. Many of my friends thought I had joined a cult or something, and my family took awhile to understand that I was still Ashley… in fact, I was even MORE Ashley than when I had left. The hardest role was with my fiancé. He didn't understand the journey I was on, and didn't support the changes I had made. After a very long, hard, messy couple months, I broke our engagement–something I never expected to do. I couldn't go back to who I was before I understood the divine feminine. It felt empty and wrong, so I kept forging ahead, even though I didn't know many other women who were on the same path as me. It was very lonely for awhile. But I'm so glad I had the strength to stay myself.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

The greatest gift has been fertility awareness. Eventually I started dating someone new and became sexually active. We knew we needed a birth control method, but I refused to take hormones. It didn't feel right to me, although many people told me it would be my only option. I started searching for more natural methods and found fertility awareness. It was the missing piece! I loved (and still do!) knowing were I was in my cycle, knowing that I was making the choice to prevent pregnancy with the knowledge I had about my own special, unique body. I felt like even more of a goddess once I realized that my own body gave me all the information I needed to prevent pregnancy.

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Anything quiet, calm and slow. I love lighting incense and sipping tea. I love ringing the blood from my menstrual pads each day I bleed. I love taking some quiet time to iron each of my pads before my bleeding begins. I love journaling my dreams and reflecting on them.

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

In one of the bios I use for guest blogging, I call myself “a modern day Xochiquetzal” and I named my newsletter after her! She is the goddess of childbirth, pregnancy, female sexuality AND household crafts–all my favorite things and the two main components of my business. I love it that there is a goddess that is not only beautiful and sexual and focused on reproduction, but she also takes time to do arts and crafts. We would be best buds.

Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

You don't have to use a birth control that doesn't feel right to you! It IS possible to prevent pregnancy without taking hormones, and it IS something you can handle. Fertility awareness isn't the rhythm method, it has a lot of science to back it up, but it's much more than science. It's an amazing way to connect to your beautiful body and your beautiful cycle.

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