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Blossoming Out of Myself

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It's been about a decade since my then-husband gave me this bonsai plant as a gift. It lived in my academic office for years; students and colleagues arguing over whether it looked more like an elephant or a woman dancing.

I smiled as they debated, letting them think whatever they saw was ‘right.' But I knew better. I knew that this little ficus tree was me.

A divorce, two broken heels, two business launches, numerous interviews, and a failed relationship later, it wasn't until several months ago that my bonsai plant forgot it was supposed to be a bonsai plant and started to grow beyond itself.

The gardener in me knew I was supposed to clip its wings. After all, it is a bonsai. But, I didn't dare. This plant, this little ficus tree, was me. And I was ready to fly.

I moved it to my bedroom to allow it to have more sun exposure. “Grow, little bonsai, Grow!” I told it. I caressed its ever-expanding foliage. I reassured it,

You see, like my little bonsai, I have blossomed out of myself; the woman I once was holding space for and giving birth to the woman I am now. It was a beautiful unfolding – one not without turbulence, pain and grief, but one that gave me the soil I needed to grow forth from, to expand. For every drop of life experience that went into nourishing that soil, I am grateful, so very grateful.

If you, like me, are ready to spread your wings, expand your reach, and blossom out of yourself, know that the time is ripe. Spring is the perfect time to blossom out of yourself. To plant the seeds that you will harvest in the coming months or years.

As you answer this, here are 5 questions to ponder:

  1. Who am I – right now in this moment? List all your roles, obligations, dreams, desires.
  2. One year from now, who do I want to be? Again, list all of your desired roles, dreams, etc. Don't hold back.
  3. How am I holding space for myself to blossom out of who I am?
  4. What steps do I need to take to get there?


If you need a little more help blossoming outside of yourself, today’s video discusses the Art of Manifestation.



Full Moon in Libra

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Full Moon Energy

The full moon is the time of a birth, a time when the seeds you planted at the New Moon prior (approximately 2 weeks ago) come to fruition. So if you set goals and intentions at the New Moon, now is a great time to bring them out and evaluate your progress.

  • What do you need to do between now and the next New Moon to birth your intentions?
  • What needs to happen in your life for that to occur?
  • What do you need to finish up?
  • What do you need to let go of?


The Waning Time

The time between the Full and New Moons is considered the waning time. This is not the time to launch new programs, unless you began crafting them at the last New Moon. The waning time is a time where we go within and reflect – time to prepare for the next New Moon and what we want to put into place at that time. This is a perfect time for release ceremonies, getting introspective about your life, and letting go of what no longer works.

Full Moon in Libra

The scales; balance. Libra is an air sign, and while those born under this sign may tend to be indecisive and people pleasers, they are also fair, diplomatic and like their lives to be ordered and balanced. And they love to dream of all the possibilities, so they are fabulous at seeing things from multiple perspectives.

So what does this mean for working with the Full Moon energy? You can add the energy of Libra to your Full Moon reflections by asking yourself the following reflective questions:

  • Where is my life out of balance?
  • What do I need to do to bring balance back into my life?
  • Where might I benefit from looking at my challenges from a new perspective?
  • What do I dream of? How might I manifest these dreams and make them my reality?

Enjoy working with the Full Moon energy in Libra! It should be a reflective time for all of us.

For more about working with the phases and energy of the Moon, go here.


What to Do When Your Comparison Queen is a Self-Comparison Queen

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We’ve been talking about our Inner Mean Girls for weeks and today’s reader question stems from our discussion of how our Inner Mean Girl shows up. One of the most common ways my clients (this includes me) see the Inner Mean Girl show up is in reference to playing the comparison game. I call her Comparison Queen Carla.

Comparison Queen Carla takes keeping up with the Jones’ literally. She compares herself – her looks, her possessions, her personality – to everyone else and when she feels she’s lacking, she dives head first into the next diet plan, buys the new car, decides to read 50 Shades of Grey and see the movie because everyone else is, etc.

Five years ago, this description fit me to a T. I was a Comparison Queen Carla. I was compared myself to any woman who crossed my path – in real life and in the media. I was constantly measuring myself with my invisible yardstick up against other women. And I usually came up lacking.

Why? Because I didn’t love myself. I lacked confidence in myself – I felt I wasn’t good enough as I was so I constantly strove to be better than everyone else. It wasn’t until I gained that self-love and self-confidence that I was able to get a handle on my Comparison Queen.

Or was I…?

Heather posed an interesting question: What if the person you are always comparing yourself to is yourself?

As a former distance runner (that's me running up a sand dune), I get this too. As an athlete, I was always trying to go further, faster, better. That was helpful, up to a point. Yes, I ran farther, faster. However, I also injured myself more often and ended up having to end my distance running after my second heel fracture. My inner motivator was really my inner critic in disguise…

So how do you tell? In today’s video, I walk you through the ins and outs of using the inner voice as a tool to motivate you to new heights v. a tool to self-deprecate, punish yourself, and make you feel bad about yourself.

It basically boils down to this: how does it make you feel? If you feel excited and expansive, then go for it. But if you feel icky, bad about yourself, restricted or contracted, then your Inner Mean Girl is running the show again…

Want to learn more about how to differentiate between the Inner Mean Girl and the Inner Motivator? I invite you to join me for my free call series. You can sign up here: