The 80/20 Rule: Give From Your Saucer Not From Your Cup

Time Is Money 1We all know that we as women tend to put ourselves at the last of our very lengthy to do list (if we're on there at all). One of the biggest frustrations my clients share with me is how to carve time out of their super busy schedules to make time for them. In today's video, I show you how. Enjoy!


  • Hi Mary
    Love the title give from your saucer not the cup! An hour a day is manageable. I have been working on more ME time because frankly I feel better and do everything better when I give to myself. As a giver it is hard to make the shift of including self although it is possible.

  • Purple lover here as well Mary! If we need to know when to swim and when to float. We have done so much to set up the path for our passionate purpose the last few years, 2015 requires a little floating! 🙂 Let go and stop pushing as you say! 80/20 Baby 🙂

  • Great video Mary! Love the purple streak in your hair! This is such an “on-time” message for so many women. I don’t think we can here the “Nurture yourself” message enough!! Thank you for giving it a voice!

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