Are You Ready to Awaken Your Inner Goddess?

Who Is This Inner Goddess anyway?

To me, your inner goddess is your connection with the divine feminine essence/the creator of all things. If inner goddess doesn’t work for you, you may like to think of this as your woman’s intuition, inner guide, or feminine knowing – the inner wisdom that all women share. All of us have a connection to the feminine divine – it is within us, part of our soul. It’s your willingness to collaborate, your unbounded creativity, intuition, nurturing, courage, inner strength, and wisdom beyond your years. It’s the feminine part of you that can heal yourself. 

Your Inner Goddess is you, but she is you at the core of who you are. She is all of your potential. She is the woman you were meant to be. She cares little for what other people think. She listens to the music of her soul and she dances to it. She has walked through fire and emerged, if not unscathed, truly victorious. She has cried, had her heart broken, and known the depths of loss and pain. But instead of allowing herself to be overcome by them, she has used these challenges to grow, to strengthen her resolve, her belief in herself.

She is your intuition, your inner knowing, your connection to and embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is your beauty. She is your light. She is your truth.

How do I Awaken my Inner Goddess?

In short, you have to be ready and willing to show up and do the work. You have to be willing to dive in and connect with her.

Here's my sacred truth: In April of 2013, I had a realization that I was living the wrong life. In the months that followed, I would lose my marriage, move to a new house, break my heel for the second time in a year, and sometimes question my own sanity. Yet, in the end, it boiled down to this: I spent so many years doing what I thought I “should” do or needed to do to “make it” that I lost touch with the very things that made my soul sing. That day in April of 2013 I made a decision: It was time to stop living somebody else’s life.

I had to dig deep and figure out who I was and what I wanted. I had to reconnect with my Inner Goddess. It wasn't always pretty, and it certainly wasn't always easy. But, the more I worked at reconnecting with my Inner Goddess, the more I started to love my life, love and accept myself, the happier I became. 

I Invite You to Join Us!

We all need a group like this – a group of like-minded women who will pick us up when we are feeling down, who will support us in times of struggle – with no judgment, no criticism – women who will challenge us to be a better version of ourselves.

That's why I created the Awaken Your Inner Goddess On-line Community.  It brings together women who believe that life can be different, that we can create a better version of ourselves and our lives if we are willing to do the work. This on-line community is a virtual sacred circle where you will learn how to reconnect with your Inner Goddess; love your body, your life, and yourself; speak your truth and walk in your power; and most importantly, love and appreciate the Goddess you are so that you can manifest the life you dream of.

What Do We Do in the 

Awaken Your Inner Goddess On-line Community?

Each month, we choose a theme. To accompany each month's theme, you have:

    • Monthly audio and video recordings where I go more into depth on our theme of the month
    • Monthly group coaching calls where I help you troubleshoot where you are struggling
    • Monthly workbooks with exercises and assignments centered around each month’s theme sectioned into parts, so you can work through them throughout the month
    • Daily inspirations and things to focus on in our secret Facebook group
    • Teachings on the Wheel of the Year (working with seasonal themes and issues that may come up for you)
    • New Moon and Full Moon Reflections
    • Monthly Ceremonies (release work, forgiveness work, etc.)
    • Energy Forecasts (both astrological and seasonal)
    • Oracle card spreads
    • Guided meditations


Upcoming and Past Themes Include:


How Will this Sacred Circle Benefit You?

When I designed this Sacred Circle, I had two goals in mind:

  1. I wanted women to feel supported, loved and accepted for who they are so they can learn to love and accept themselves in the same way, and

  2. I wanted women to have the tools they needed to fully reconnect with their Inner Knowing

Awaken Your Inner Goddess On-Line Community is a safe haven where you will be surrounded by a tribe of like-minded, like-hearted women there to support you every step of the way on your journey. You'll awaken your own Inner Goddess and create your own rituals to regularly connect in with her.  You'll be able to work through your toughest struggles and heal deeply rooted self-worth and body shame issues so you can finally be the empowered woman you know you can be.

And, you'll have me, a Psychologist and self-love and body love coach, to help you navigate through life's many lessons. You'll have a community, a sacred circle, of women who will always have your back and be willing to help you through anything. 

What Women Are Saying…

“I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Mary for creating this group and the information we have been getting. I am feeling very, very fortunate to be able to learn these things and also have a place where we can feel safe to even talk about it! Thank you Dr. Mary!” ~ Teresa


“It is a very in-depth and helpful program. I am enjoying and learning new things about myself.” ~ Donna


“Dr. Mary is awesome. She gives you just what you need and provides you options. Thank you for doing what you do. So many women need JUST what you offer.” ~ Sue

“You are helping so many women to find themselves. This is exactly what I was looking for.” ~ Susan


Enrollment Is Currently Closed,

but will reopen in early 2018