Come Out and Play!

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As the dog days of summer come to an end in the Western hemisphere, now is the perfect time to get in that last minute vacation or staycation before shipping the kids off to school. If you’re suffering with the heat of summer (100 degrees days and poor air quality due to forest fires out here), plan a trip to the beach or find some water to play in to stay cool.

As Summer turns to Fall, this is also a perfect time to release any pent up emotions or unfinished business from earlier in the year. Perform this quick ceremony near a body of water and enter Fall knowing you’ve released what no longer serves you.


 End of Summer Release Ceremony


Pen or pencil


Match or lighter


Write down any leftover emotions or experience that you still need to let go of. It could be someone you need to forgive, releasing old hurts, or getting closure on a project. Write it all down. There’s no right or wrong here, just let whatever comes out be. When you are finished writing, say the following prayer (or something similar – let the prayer come to you as well):

Goddess [insert name of any Goddess you feel drawn to or leave it generic], in the Heat of the Summer,

I release old hurts, old wounds

I seek forgiveness for myself and for those I feel have wronged me

I let it all go into Your loving arms

And trust that you will give me Peace.

Burn the paper and let the ashes float downstream [if you’re not near water, then just flush them down the toilet]

To the water I give my hurt, my anger, my resentment

To the water I give my pain

Transform my hurts into my greatest gifts

My pain into my lessons

In this I pray.

Thank you Goddess!

Now get out there and play! Release that stored up energy you just generated in a fun, creative way. Dance, sing, draw, paint, enjoy life. If you’re not sure where to start, Call on Sarasvati – a water Goddess and Goddess of Creativity for inspiration.

Enjoy what’s left of your Summer!


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