Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

“Most of us are living at the periphery of consciousness

while intuition invites us to the center.”

– Willis Harman

 According to Wikipedia, Intuition is defined as the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. I like to define intuition as opening up to (and learning to trust) our inner wisdom.

 We are involved in one of the most fascinating times in human history. Malnourished from years of fear-based conditioning and abuse of power, our steadfast rules and ideals have come undone, paving the way for radical change.  Intuitive, creative and compassionate creatures are faring quite well for the foreseeable future. The new world is shedding her collective ego and opening her heart. Trusting her intuition.

 This heart opening, inner knowing or gut instinct, guides many through the ebb and flow of life. Go against your gut and you will often experience an event you could have avoided… had you only listened. How many times have you heard yourself or others say, I knew better, I wish I would have followed my instincts?  Have you ever had a strong feeling about something, and gone against that feeling because you didn’t have the facts to support your instincts? What happened?

 One of my coaching clients came to me tired of giving her power away and was often conflicted when she didn’t follow her own instincts. She always looked to outside sources for direction and validation. We uncovered that she felt safe looking to others because she would not be to blame for a poor decision. 

Often the way we are brought up teaches us to defer to our parents, peers and teachers. We are taught black and white reasoning. Right and wrong. Taught to always follow the RULES and color inside of the lines. Last I checked, schools aren’t teaching our children the power of our intuition. No wonder we look outside of ourselves for validation.

Intuition is available in each of us. It just gets lost under layers of experiences, judgements, mistakes, authority figures, inner critics etc. We often shroud our internal compass at an early age to stay safe and remain small. Dig yourself out from under the layers of junk and you will find a buried treasure more valuable than you can imagine. This fortune found is your wisdom on tap.

 In the book, “You Already Know What To Do”  Sharon Franquemont supports her readers to explore and develop their intuition. One of my favorite exercises inside the book is Putting Your Words to Work. When you’re ready, get a notebook and pen and complete the following sentence. 

“Because my higher self wants to prepare me for greater awareness, I already know to… 

 Now quickly generate a list of the first five activities that come up for you. In the case of this example you might include:

  1. A walk in the woods

  2. Quiet time for relaxation

  3. Visiting a sacred space

  4. Savoring a ripe piece of fruit with your eyes closed

  5. Reading a book about how to develop your intuition

 This week choose one item on your intuitive list and make it happen!

 If you want to develop your intuition, you have to learn to trust yourself.  What if you began to tune into your body and notice how you feel when something big comes up? When faced with an obstacle, invitation or opportunity, check in with how you feel. Your first instinct will almost always be true for you. Your natural intuitive powers already shape your personal decisions, relationships, and career. Learn to trust their loving guidance and you will step into a lifestyle rich with creativity and spiritual energy.

 “I feel there are two people inside me – me and my intuition. If I go against her, she’ll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.”
– Kim Basinger


Here are some tips to help you develop and use your intuition as your guide.

  1. Journal

  2. Meditate

  3. Symbols and metaphors

  4. Making decisions


As a transformational coach and writer I’ve honed my intuitive skills by remaining curious and giving them time to bubble to the surface and flow on the pages of my journal.  In the Transformation Goddess program, I ask participants to find a quiet space, light a candle and settle in.  When relaxed and ready they are instructed to ask their inner-Goddess: What it is that they most need to understand about themselves and the world right now. The goal is to write the answer in their journal without correction, judgment or edification. What comes up is a valuable message from their inner-wisdom. 


 Mediation is a great way to clear the clutter from your mind while opening the door to your inner-voice. Sit. Breathe. Empty your mind. Even a few minutes each day will make a positive impact on your life. Create some time to be still and notice what comes up for you.

 Symbols and Metaphors

 Sometimes your intuition will show up in the form of symbols or numbers or repetitive metaphors. 

Lately I’ve been impatient about growing Transformation Goddess. My small voice reminded me that I was in the phase of creating a healthy container (community) for tender seedlings (Goddesses).  The next day I was gifted tiny basil plants from a friend.  Later I pulled an oracle card that impressed on me the power of patience through observing nature.  Everywhere I turned I was invited to be patient and continue caring for my new garden.

 Making Decisions

 When making a monumental decision, pay close attention to how you feel and what you need.  Over analyzing every decision in your life can create confusion and mental paralysis. If you don’t trust yourself, you may spend endless amounts of time looking for external data to support your decision.

 Get quiet before bed and ask for guidance from your inner knowing. Release your question to the universe and then sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, check in and see what comes up for you. You will find that you already know what to do!

Intuition is available to you when you learn to let go, trust and surrender. Notice how you feel when you make a choice based on instinct. Give yourself permission to NOT explain why or why not. The feeling in your heart is telling enough. When you choose to tune in to your intuition, you will tap into a wellspring of power within. You deserve to step into your intuitive power and listen to your voice.

Trust yourself.

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