Daughter of the Moon

B&W Moon_Woman 250x250You are child of the Goddess; as such you are a Daughter of the Moon. We’ve talked before about the importance of the moon and how your menstrual cycles sync with Her phases. Today I want to talk about Honoring those phases and cycles.

I begin each day drawing a Goddess Guidance Oracle card from Doreen Virtue’s deck. Today I drew Maeve.  Maeve is a Celtic Goddess of Fertility and Menstruation. She was known to stop wars if She was on her period. Maeve celebrated her cycle as it represented her personal power. So too, women today would benefit from Honoring and Celebrating their cycles.

But how do you do this? By syncing your life and your energy with the phases of the moon. And by celebrating each phase with a prayer to the Goddess.

As the New Moon was the time women traditionally menstruated, like Maeve, women would focus their energies during the Sacred time on resting and recharging. This is a perfect time to take a warm bath to help alleviate menstrual cramps and take a few days off from work to do whatever activities allow you to rest and recharge. If you feel called, you may wish to go outside in the Dark of Night and recite the following prayer:

Maeve [or Hekate if you feel so called], Goddess of Menstruation,
I celebrate this time of rest
And call on you as I begin another Sacred cycle.
As the blood flows from me back to Earth,
As the Moon rests from Her Light,
I ask you to gift me with your Wisdom and Insight.

As the Waxing Moon was the time leading up to ovulation for ancient women, they used this time to take care of whatever needed to get done. If you have a new project, now would be a great time to start it. Just remember not to deplete yourself with all of your newfound energy. Remember that life is cycle – some days you will have more energy than others, but that doesn’t mean you need to use it all at once! As the Waxing Moon was symbolic of Spring, we call on Persephone’s energy to help us grow and change.

Persephone, Goddess of Spring,
As your Moon grows, my energy will increase
Bless me with new beginnings and new ideas
Help me to focus my power and intent on positive change 

The Full Moon was the traditional time of ovulation, so for this Moon we call on Demeter, the Mother Goddess to bless us. If you want to get pregnant, now is the time to work magic around that choice and to offer prayers to the goddess. If you don’t want to get pregnant, make sure to use birth control, as you are particularly fertile and your hormones are calling you!

Demeter, Goddess of the Earth and Motherhood,
As Your Light increases and becomes full,
I ask for your insight and inspiration
Bathe me in your love and light
And help me give birth to my ideas and creations. 

After all that creating and birthing (or mating), women in ancient times used the Waning Moon, the time between ovulation and their next menstrual cycle, to focus inward. Your energy levels will likely fall during this time and you may find yourself craving carbohydrates and chocolate for a much-needed energy boost. It’s okay. Treat your body with respect. It needs a break. And don’t forget to journal about your feelings as they are running rampant during this time. As the Waning Moon was symbolic of the end of life, we call upon Hekate for her intuition and contemplative reflection.

Hekate, Goddess of Magic, Wise One
Hear my prayer.
Bless me with your intuition and insight
Help me to trust my own decisions
And to own my Light and my Dark. 

Remember to always thank the Goddess at the end of your prayers and let me know how Honoring Your Cycles works for you by leaving a comment below.

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