Dealing with Your Inner People Pleaser

Last Fall, I found myself facing one of my most difficult semesters. Yes, I had a few challenging students at the time, but they weren't the culprit: I was. You see, I had said “yes” to too many things and was finding myself feeling bitter, resentful, overworked, depleted, and, quite frankly, exhausted. 

This year, I promised myself I wouldn't over-commit again. And yet, I did. Not as bad as last Fall, but I certainly am feeling a little depleted right now.

As we approach the seasonal shift (Summer to Fall in the Northern hemisphere and Winter to Spring in the Southern), I feel that now is the perfect time to re-evaluate what we've got on our plates. But that means, you're probably going to run up against your inner people pleaser/ inner critic. In today's podcast episode, I talk about how I deal with my inner people pleaser and how I learned to say “no.” I hope it serves you. 

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