The Earth Will Heal All Wounds

Snow Blanketing a TreeAs I sit and write this, it is snowing outside. And, like the past two years, my health has been a struggle for the past two months. No broken bones this time, thankfully, but four head colds, walking pneumonia, and a chest infection have kept me down for most of the past two months.

I’ve tried not to let it get to me, though. You see, I’ve learned much in the last year as I have walked with the Goddess. And one thing is clear: everything happens for a reason. My various illnesses are but another of life’s lessons. Maybe you too have been dealing with health issues, or maybe it’s a childhood trauma you never really dealt with, a job loss, a move, or a divorce. Just know that there is a reason behind everything we call to us in life, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time it happens.

Fortunately for us, Winter is the perfect time to go within and heal. For the next three months, we will do just that: explore past wounds and give ourselves time to really and truly heal.

To begin our journey of healing, I’d like to explore the element of Earth. It may seem like a funny time to work with an Element that is all but dormant, but just because you can’t see flowers blooming and grass growing, doesn’t mean nothing is occurring. The Earth cycles, just as we do throughout our lives. The difference between us and Earth is that She regularly takes time out of her busy schedule to focus on healing. A lesson we could all learn from!

The North

Each Element has a direction and Earth’s direction is North. North is associated with the qualities of wisdom, adulthood, will, manifestation, responsibility, giving, and nurturing. It is grounded and solid – think frozen tundra. Yet, underneath the ice, Earth is manifesting healing at a profound level. In Native American circles, the North is associated with vision questing, a time for examining (or undertaking) life’s challenges so that you can learn from them and emerge a better person on the other side.


As each Element has a directional association, it is also associated with a time of year. Earth and North are associated with Winter, a time of death, hibernation, and regeneration. We must let go of what no longer serves us, sit with it in quiet contemplation, decide how we would like our lives to be from now on and allow ourselves to be reborn.


Inner Goddess Wisdom Tip:

Write down everything you feel has been holding you back on a piece of paper. Burn it. This powerful act of letting go can help jump start your healing process.


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