Featured GODDESS: Athena

Trainer holding an Eastern Screech OwlAthena

Goddess of Courage and Wisdom

“Call on me to help you fight your battles in a more loving and feminine way.”


Traits Athena Embodies:

  • Courage
  • Inner wisdom
  • Self-trust
  • Female warrior
  • Divine inspiration


How to call on Athena:

Daughter of Zeus (King of the Gods) and Metis (Goddess of Wisdom), Athena had an unusual birth. An oracle told Zeus that the child he fathered with Metis would be more powerful than he was. Fearful, Zeus swallowed Metis whole hoping that would kill the child within. Several months later Zeus awoke with a powerful headache, and from his head, the Goddess Athena was born, fully grown and armed. Ouch! Fed up with men altogether (and who wouldn’t be after that fortuitous birth), Athena became a warrior goddess and patron of women, teaching women how to ‘wage wars’ and get what they need without spilling blood. Call upon Athena when you find yourself in need of courage, wisdom, and inspiration and when faced with a difficult situation.


Prayer to Athena:

Athena, Goddess of Courage and Wisdom

Lend me Your Strength.

Help me slay my demons with kindness,

My adversaries with wit.

In doing so, I honor them as well as myself.

In this I pray,

Thank you Athena!


Tribute to Athena:

Athena’s favorite companion was her trusty familiar, the Owl. Donate time or money to a bird sanctuary to show your appreciation to Athena.



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