Featured GODDESS: Brigid


Goddess of the Sacred Flame

“I am the spark of life. Call upon me for Inspiration, Healing, and Grounding your energy.”


Traits Brigid Embodies:

  • Healing
  • Inspiration
  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • Youthfulness


How to call on Brigid:

Brigid was the Celtic Triple Goddess, though she appeared most often in her maiden form. In her maiden aspect, Brigid was Goddess of Inspiration and patroness of poetry. In her mother form, she was Goddess of the Hearth, patroness of healing and fertility. In her crone form, Brigid was Goddess of the Forge, patroness of smithcraft and martial arts. A predecessor to the American Groundhog Day, in ancient times people turned to Brigid to forecast the remaining days of Winter on February 2nd. Instead of the American Punxsutawney Phil, ancient people’s awaited Brigid’s sacred snake to emerge from his cave. The snake’s behavior indicated whether or not Winter was over. Brigid is said to reside in wells and streams. Thus, you will most likely feel her presence near running water or wells.



Prayer to Brigid:

Brigid, Spark of Life,

Sacred Flame

I call upon you,

Hear my name. [Say your name]

Great Goddess,

Hear my prayer

I seek your [whatever trait you want to embody]

To [whatever you need this trait in order to accomplish]

Goddess, I ask you to grant me this power.

In this I pray.

Thank you, Great Goddess!


Tribute to Brigid:

 In ancient times, the Celts would offer coins to one of the many wells and streams named for the Goddess Brigid. Although you may not live in Ireland, you may still offering a tribute of a coin to Brigid at any well or body of running water.


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