Featured GODDESS: Cerridwen

Celitc Mysteries Cerridwen

Goddess of Wisdom

“The answers you seek are within you. Call upon me to help reveal them to you.”



Traits Cerridwen Embodies:

–          Inner wisdom

–          Knowledge

–          Magic

–          Truth

–          Inner knowing


How to call on Cerridwen:

Cerridwen had a son, who had no power, so she sought to make him as wise as She was. For a year and a day, She brewed a magickal potion that contained all of her knowledge and wisdom. Needing one last ingredient, She left the brew in the care of a young boy with the instructions to stir but not taste. Of course, he tasted the brew and gained all of Cerridwen’s knowledge. Knowing She would be furious with him, he ran, turning himself into an animal in the hopes She wouldn’t recognize him. It didn’t work. She chased him all over the world, finally catching up with him after he turned himself into a grain of wheat and eating him. She later gave birth to him, and he became the greatest of bards. Because Cerridwen is known for her Cauldron of Knowledge, she can be found in the kitchen when you’re whipping up something for yourself or your family.


Prayer to Cerridwen:

[Note: This is best done right before bed]

Cerridwen, Goddess of Inspiration, Knowledge, and Power

Knower of the Unknown

Hear my Prayer

[Describe your problem]

I know the answers I seek are within me, but they are clouded behind veils of misperception

Please push back the veils and reveal them to me.

[Sit for 15 minutes and see what Cerridwen reveals to you. If the answer you seek doesn’t come in that time frame, you may sit longer or go to sleep knowing the answer will come to you in a dream. Remember to thank Cerridwen before you go to bed and again once the answer comes to you.]


Tribute to Cerridwen:

Cerridwen’s symbols are the cauldron, pigs and grain. You can prepare a meal of pork and wheat in her honor. Alternatively, you may wish to forego pork and wheat for a period of time to show reverence to her sacred symbols.



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