Featured GODDESS: Damara

Flower Girl and Bride



Protectress of Children

“Honor Children, for they are our Future – this includes your own inner child, for She knows your Truth.”



Traits Damara Embodies:

  • Protection
  • Fertility
  • Inner child
  • Creativity
  • Inner wisdom


How to call on Damara:

Celtic Goddess and Fairy Princess of the British Isles, Damara ruled over youth, innocence, and the imagination. Call on Damara when you’ve lost touch with your own inner child or need help with the children in your life. Damara is a playful goddess, yet is also fiercely protective of youth and your inner child. She wants you to play and enjoy life. Damara is the perfect Goddess to get to know in the Summer months, when children are out of school and the heat of the day encourages you to play outside, in Her realm.  

 Prayer to Damara:

Damara, Playful One

I Call to You on this Summer’s Night

Help me rekindle my inner Joy –

The spark within me that lights up

Like a child discovering a new toy.

Help me look upon the world with wonder

And appreciate all that I take for granted,

Most of all, myself.

Thank you, Damara!

 Tribute to Damara:

Collect wildflowers and give them to a child. Know that when you see that child’s face light up, your own Inner Child is lighting up as well. This makes Damara very happy.



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