Featured GODDESS: Hekate

Goddess HekateHekate 
Queen of the Night


“I am the wise woman.
I have lived through many seasons
and seen strong men fall,
but every trouble has only made me stronger.”


Call upon Hekate when you seek inner guidance or to beef up your intuitiveness. She may also be called upon for protection, but beware, she is a very strong goddess and you may get what you wished for!

Traits Hekate Embodies:

  • Intuition
  • Inner Guidance
  • Mysticism and magic
  • Protection
  • Dream guidance

How to call on Hekate:

As Queen of the Night, Hekate can best be reached in the dark of the night, at midnight, the witching hour. If you don't wish to or it may be unsafe to go out when it is full dark, find a dark room in your home and light a candle. Call upon Hekate when you need to get in touch with your own inner wisdom and power or find yourself in need of protection. 

Prayer to Hekate:

Hekate, Queen of the Night (or Goddess of Witches, if you prefer),

Hear my prayer.

I call upon your power and wisdom to [fill in your problem here]

Give me strength and inner knowing so that I may [fill in the blank].

In this dark of night, I pray.

Thank you Hekate! 


Tribute to Hekate:

If you are burning a candle, let it burn down (safely) knowing that as it burns, Hekate will hear your prayer. If you are outside, you may wish to light some incense in gratitude to Hekate.

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