Featured GODDESS: Hera


Queen of the Gods

“You are the Queen of your own domain; you are your own sovereign ruler. Let no one take this power away from you.”



Traits Hera Embodies:

  • The Gift of Prophecy
  • Wisdom
  • Decision Making
  • Love
  • Independence


How to call on Hera:

Queen of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses, Hera was both sister and wife to Zeus (this was not a problem for the Ancient Greeks and Romans). She was his closest confidant and best friend, and was also fiercely loyal and protective of those she considered under her watch. Call upon Hera when you need to remember your own power. For she will remind you that no one can take your power from you – you can give it away and you can call it back.


Prayer to Hera:

Hera, Queen of the Gods and Goddess,

Mistress of Olympus,

Here my Prayer!

I ask for your help with [explain situation].

Please help me take back my power and use it for the highest good of all.

Please help me remember my sovereignty, my independence, my strength and wisdom.

In this I pray, thank you, Great Queen!



Tribute to Hera:

The best way to honor Hera is to not give your power away and to help other women do the same. That said, the cow, lion and the peacock were her familiars, so consider abstaining from beef or visiting a zoo to pay tribute to her sacred animal totems.



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