Featured GODDESS: Ixchel

Goddess IxchelIxchel
Goddess of Healing


“I know you suffer.
I feel your pain.
Call upon me when you need
to attract healing energy into your life.
Give your pain to me and will bury it for you.”



Traits Ixchel Embodies:

  • Healing
  • Transformation
  • Seeing the good in a bad situation
  • Serving as a channel for those in healing professions
  • Positive coping


How to call on Ixchel:

Ixcel is a powerful channel for healing. Place your hands on the area that hurts (on yourself or someone else) and ask Ixchel to help you channel healing energy from the universe. Call upon Ixchel to help you heal from past trauma, mental or physical pain. If you are in a healing profession, you may wish to make her your patron goddess and call upon her daily.


Prayer to Ixchel:

Ixchel, Goddess of Healing,

Medicine Woman,

Guide My Hands

I ask that your energy come through me to heal my [or insert name of person you are healing] pain.

Take away what no longer serves, trusting that the lesson this pain carried has been heard.

Help me [person’s name] heal from [insert source of pain] and learn the lesson this pain embodied.

Ixchel, Hear my Prayer!


Tribute to Ixchel:

As a thank you to Ixchel for healing your pain, you may consider passing some of that energy forward by helping others heal or by giving of your time or money to a charity that focuses on healing others (e.g., Red Cross).

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