Featured GODDESS: Juno


Patron Goddess of Women

“If you need me, just Call. Know that I have Seen, Heard, and Experienced everything right along with you – the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. I cry with you and rejoice with you. I am here for you.”


Traits Juno Embodies:

  • Nurturing/bonding
  • Loyality
  • Women’s rights
  • Protection
  • Mothering


How to call on Juno:

As Patron Goddess of Women, Juno is always present. Feel her joy when you have a good talk with one of your girlfriends, hear her sighs of pleasure as you sink into a bubble bath, feel her compassion when you experience sadness or grief. As the month of June was named for Juno, She can be found on hot, summer days, lounging by the pool, walking in a rose garden, or in the warm winds that carry floral scents that waft by your nose. If it’s not Summer, you may need to find symbols of Summer to connect with Her: flowers, sunshine, or even Mistletoe (one of her token flowers). Remember that Juno is always there for you, ready to give you protection or help in romantic or familial relationships. All you have to do is Ask.


Prayer to Juno:

 Juno, Patron Goddess of Women,

Mother to Mothers,

Goddess of All,

I Call on You at this time for …. {state your problem}

I Ask for Your Wisdom and Guidance to … {state desired solution or say something like “Help me Know what to do about this situation}

In Honor of You and All Women,

And for the greatest good of All,

In this I Pray to You.

Thank You, Juno!


Tribute to Juno:

As a tribute to Juno, you may wish to donate to your favorite women’s cause or do something nice for one of your girlfriends or your Mother.


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