Featured GODDESS: The Muses


The Muses

Goddesses of Inspiration

“Get unstuck and feed your fire with us!”


Who are The Muses?

  • Calliope – epic poetry
  • Clio – history
  • Euterpe – flutes and lyric poetry
  • Thalia – comedy
  • Melpomene – tragedy
  • Terpsichore – choral song and dance
  • Erato – love poetry
  • Polyhymnia – sacred poetry and songs
  • Urania – astronomy


How to call on The Muses:

Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (Memory personified), the Muses were the embodiment of their chosen art form. In ancient Greece, before beginning a new song, dance, or poem, artists would call upon the appropriate Muse, asking for Her words/dance to flow through them.

 Prayer to The Muses:

[Note: decide who to call on and what you want to ask for first – I am giving an example for Thalia, but you can choose your Goddess and words of devotion particular to your situation]

Thalia, Muse of Comedy

Bring a little laughter into my life

Inspire me to find joy and humor in all things

Help me to surrender my ego and learn to laugh at myself

May I bring your wisdom and musings to all I see.

Thank you, Thalia!


Tribute to The Muses:

As Muses were known as teachers of the great arts, they would be best served by donating an appropriate gift (journals, musical instrument, brushes and canvases, costumes) to a local art school (or the art teacher at your child’s school).


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    Love your web page, mary great light work we need to play and muse!
    Can’t wait foyour newsletter! Signed up!
    christina kerr

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