Featured GODDESS: Nike

Cute blondie as an angelNike

Goddess of Victory

“Nothing stands in the way of what you desire except for you. Get out of your own way and watch the future unfold.”



Traits Nike Embodies:

  • Victory
  • Achievement
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Decisiveness


How to call on Nike:

Winged Goddess of Victory, Nike was the Goddess ancient Greeks and Romans prayed to before entering battle. She was also known for her lovely voice and dancing and would occasionally favor a wedding party with her songs and wicked dance moves! You can call upon Nike when you need a little courage and strength to face your “battles.” Know that she will be there for you and has your back.


Prayer to Nike:

Nike, Goddess of Victory,

Hear my Prayer!

I need courage to face [explain situation].

Please help me find the strength and courage I need to prove victorious in this battle,

For the greatest good of all parties involved.

In this I pray, thank you, Nike!



Tribute to Nike:

The best way to honor Nike is to thank her after you have faced your battle with both song and dance in her honor.



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