Goddess PelePele
Goddess of Fire

“Wake up to your own divine inspiration!”


Pele is an alchemical goddess. Call upon her when your situation requires a spark to motivate you to take action.



Traits Pele Embodies:

  • Motivation
  • Passion
  • Divine spark
  • Growth through change
  • Fast action 

How to call on Pele:

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanos, so if you happen to be near one, great; if not, you can look at pictures of volcanos erupting or light several candles and sit close enough (but safely) that you can feel their heat. Call upon Pele when you want to attract metaphorical fire into your life; if you find your energy or motivation lagging, Pele is the goddess for you. 

Prayer to Pele:

Pele, Goddess of Fire and Change

Help me find the spark in myself.

Help me light and fan the flames of my true desire.

Help me find my resolve and inner knowing.

Thank you Pele!


Tribute to Pele:

As a thank you to Pele, if you haven’t already, light a candle and meditate on the flame. As you watch it dance, know that you to will soon be ready to take charge of your life and dance your truth. Do not blow the flame out (that would insult Pele as she is Goddess of Fire). Instead, let it safely burn down (preferably while you are watching it) or take it outside and let the wind or rain blow out the flame.

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