Featured GODDESS: Persephone

Goddess PersephonePersephone
Goddess of Spring


“Not all of life’s choices will be easy,
but if you trust your intuition,
you will know what to do in any situation.”



Call on Persephone when you find yourself “torn in two” or faced with a difficult decision.     

Traits Persephone Personifies:

  • Crafter of her own fate
  • Blossoming/awakening into your true potential
  • Intuition
  • Self-trust
  • Self-acceptance 

How to call on Persephone:

As Goddess of Spring, Persephone can be found in flower-filled meadows. If you don't happen to find yourself near a Spring meadow, buy fresh flowers and say a prayer to Persephone to help give you wisdom and insight into the decision you need to make. You may find that after you call on Persephone, the solution comes to you immediately or you may find it comes to you in a dream that evening. Regardless, remember to thank Persephone for her help. 

Prayer to Persephone:

Persephone, Goddess of Spring, hear my prayer.

I call upon you for your wisdom and insight.

I am faced with a difficult decision [describe your problem] and I need your guidance.

Please help me know the way and help me make a decision that is most in alignment with my true path.

[wait a few moment for insight; know that it will come to you within the next few days even if it does not come immediately]

Thank you Persephone. 

Tribute to Persephone:

As a tribute to Persephone, you may wish to place a fresh flower in a stream, trusting that the stream will carry your prayer to Persephone and she will soon answer you.

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