Featured GODDESS: Rhiannon


Goddess of Inspiration

“Do you hear me whispering your name on the breeze? Do you feel my gentle touch? I am Calling you. Come to me.”



Traits Rhiannon Embodies:

  • Fidelity
  • Illumination
  • Reclaiming your birthright
  • Lunar wisdom
  • Inner knowing


How to call on Rhiannon:

Rhiannon is one of my favorite Celtic Goddesses. She represents the adage, “To thine own self be true.” Betrothed, against her wishes, to an old, vicious warlord, Rhiannon said, “I don’t think so,” and went out on her own. She Chose to marry a mortal man and gave up the luxuries she knew as a Goddess to live among her people. Rhiannon represents self-trust, self-knowledge, and an unsurpassed inner strength. Call upon her when it seems as though no one supports your decision to Honor your Chosen path. Know that Rhiannon has your back. To honor Rhiannon, go horseback riding, as she was the patron goddess of horses. If that is not possible, go watch horses or look at pictures of horses on-line. Know that horses, like Rhiannon, embody inner strength and knowing. In fact, to mix mythologies and cultures, Native Americans called horses, “Medicine Dogs,” for that very reason.


Prayer to Rhiannon:

Rhiannon, Goddess of Inspiration, People’s Chosen Queen,

Just as You trusted Yourself, please grant me the Strength to trust myself.

In times of inner doubt, let me know my Truth.

In times of questioning, let me Stand Firm.

Let me Know your Strength and Wisdom.

In this, I pray to you.

Thank You, Rhiannon!


 Tribute to Rhiannon:

As a tribute to Rhiannon, donate money to a charity that helps wild horses keep their wildness. Like Rhiannon, sometimes beauty cannot be tamed.




  • Robyn says:

    I realize this isn’t in alignment with your post but there is an aspect to Rhiannon’s story that you are overlooking which is an important aspect of her story if you are going to work with her. When her first child was born, he goes missing in the night and her handmaidens are so afraid of what will be done to them that they make it look like Rhiannon ate her own child.

    No one – not even her husband Pwyll believes in her innocence – and she is punished to stand by the gates and tell her tale to any who come by and to carry them on her back to the keep. This goes on for a number of years before it is discovered that her child has been found and was being raised by another who knew nothing of Rhiannon’s plight until he comes the keep and meets her and hears her tale. He returns her child to her (Pryderi) and only then is she released from her punishment.

    Rhiannon suffers great self-doubt and allows herself to be punished even as her heart does not want to believe she would harm her child. She can be a great support to those who have suffered unjustice but it is important to understand that She herself suffered it as well

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