Featured GODDESS – Sige

Young woman showing quiet handsignSige

Goddess of Silence


“In the stillness that lives within you, you find all the answers you seek.”





Traits Sige Embodies:

  • Inner wisdom
  • Silence
  • Rest
  • Softness
  • Surrender


How to call on Sige:

According to Gnostic philosophy Sige is the Mother of All. She existed before anything else, the true feminine within all of us. Her partner, Proarche, was the original masculine energy. Together, they birthed Thought and Will. All wisdom and knowledge comes from Sige, as she is all knowing and all seeing. To call on Sige, you simply need to go to your own inner silence. Focus on nothing, let your mind still, and let your inner wisdom take over.


Prayer to Sige:

Sige, Silence, Mother of All

Hear my prayer

I know the answers to what I seek lie within me,

Hidden beneath the shadows.

Help me unveil all I need to know, to understand

Help me to trust my inner voice, inner knowing

In this I pray

Thank you, Sige


Tribute to Sige:

Sige loves it when you meditate. That is the ultimate tribute to her. Silence your mind and let Her wisdom flow through you.


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