Featured Goddess: Yemanya

Beautiful woman mermaid with a fish tail resting in the water of the pond of lilies


Goddess of the Sea and the Moon

“Now is the time to take action. Get in tune with your own cycles and rhythms and follow your heart as the tide flows with the Moon.”


Traits Yemanya Embodies:

  • Activating Latent Energies and Talents
  • Flowing in Harmony
  • Getting in Tune with Your Cycles and Rhythms
  • Gentle Unfolding
  • Faithfulness

How to call on Yemanya:

A revered African and a Brazilian goddess, Yemanya was credited with creating the sea and harnessing the moon's powers to create the tides. She is nurturing and protective of all of her children. You can call upon Yemanya when you need a help calling something into creation (e.g., a job, a baby) or letting go of what no longer serves so that you can allow a new opportunity to unfold. 

Prayer to Yemanya:

Yemanya, Mother of all Creation, 

Hear my prayer. 

Help me to release what no longer serves, and

Surrender to Divine timing.

Help me to flow with  grace and ease as I open to new opportunity.

Help me manifest what is best for my heart and my Soul's Calling.

In this I pray, 

Thank you, Yemanya.

Tribute to Yemanya:

Go to a body of water (preferably a stream, ocean, or other non-stagnant water). Write down what you want to release/surrender and what you want to manifest. Offer these to Yemanya with a prayer of thanks. Leave her flowers or a few drops of essential oil as you leave.

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