Featured GODDESS: Zerafina

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Goddess of Self-Love and Women's Mysteries

Founder of Women's Mystery School

“You – your body, mind, feelings, spirit – are a sacred vessel of the Divine; treat them as such.”



Traits Zerafina Embodies:

  • asks for help when she needs it
  • set boundaries with others to honor and respect herself
  • has faith that everything will work out just as it should
  • magickal
  • trusts, honors, loves, respects, and praises herself
  • solves problems without sacrificing herself

How to call on Zerafina:

Zerafina came from a loving home where she was taught to be the Queen of her own domain. Once she realized not every little girl grew up in this way, she dedicated her life to empowering women to love, honor, respect, and trust themselves, to put themselves first, to see themselves as sacred, and to live to their highest potential by teaching them the ancient magick and mysteries of the Divine Feminine and through the Red Tent.


Prayer to Zerafina:


Zerafina, Goddess of Self-love and Women's Mysteries

Hear My Prayer

Share with me Your Wisdom, Your Magick

Open the Doors of Your Women's Mystery School to Me

For I am ready to dive in

To know myself, trust myself, love myself

So that I can be a healer, teacher, and leader for all 

Who Aspire to Know Women's Magick and Mysteries

In this I pray,

Thank you Zerafina!


Tribute to Zerafina:

As a show of appreciation, Honor Zerafina by practicing Women's Sacred Mysteries and Honoring your intuition, your sacred body vessel, your sacred women's cycles. Follow the moon, the seasons, and most of all, listen to your body's wisdom.

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