Finding Mr. Right: It’s About Forgiveness and Letting Go

Having just taken part in Jaki Sabourin’s Engaged at Any Age telesummit for the third time (love that woman!), I’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers about finding Mr. Right.

Here’s the deal: you can’t move on to a new relationship or find Mr. Right if you: 1) are still holding onto an old relationship, and 2) haven’t done the inner work to heal whatever issues got triggered in your previous relationship(s). Blaming your ex or yourself for ‘failing’ in your relationship actually prevents you from moving on. Believe me – I learned this the hard way after my divorce in 2013.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Write a letter of forgiveness to every single person in your life who has hurt you – just get it all out. [Note: to me, forgiveness is not atonement; forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different than it was. And since you can’t change the past, by not allowing yourself to for-give, you are forcing yourself to stay stuck there and who wants to do that?!] Once you have written all you can write, get rid of that letter in some sort of symbolic act (burn it, rip it into shreds, flush it down the commode) saying, “I forgive you and release you.”
  2. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself – because let’s face it: 1) it takes two to tango; so while your partner likely made a few mistakes in your relationship, so did you…, and 2) we are usually our own worst enemy instead of our own best friend. Time to change that. Once you’ve written down every perceived mistake you made in said relationship(s), you’re going to do the same type of symbolic release ceremony.

Now onto the fun part: Finding Mr. Right!

  1. If you haven’t already, download my free gift and listen to the How to Be Your Own Prince Charming audio class and do the worksheets I provided (sign up here:
  2. Make a list of everything you want to attract in a partner – I’m not talking about hair color and eye color here; I’m talking about the core values that are deal breakers for you if they are not met.
  3. Take a look in the mirror – do you reflect what’s on your list? If not, how can you expect to attract Mr. Right? You can’t. You get what you put out there. So it’s time to do some inner work.
  4. Look at your heart wall and evaluate whether it’s time to begin dismantling it. See today’s video for more on that.
  5. Ask the Universe for what you want – refer to your list
  6. Sit back and wait – I know, I know, this part sucks, but Universe will not deliver Mr. Right until you have let go of Mr. Wrong and done the work you need to do to attract the right man for you.

Have fun! 😉

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