romantic and scenic panorama with full moon on sea to nightThis is part of a series of posts on working with Moon energy. Each New Moon and Full Moon, I will post suggestions for working with that archetype and harness the energy of the Moon’s cycle.

Full Moon Energy

The full moon is the time of a birth, a time when the seeds you planted at the New Moon prior (approximately 2 weeks ago) come to fruition. So if you set goals and intentions at the New Moon, now is a great time to bring them out and evaluate your progress.

  • What do you need to do between now and the next New Moon to birth your intentions?
  • What needs to happen in your life for that to occur?
  • What do you need to finish up?
  • What do you need to let go of?

Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the Dreamer of the zodiac. Pisces is a water sign, and water rules emotions. As such, Pisceans are very emotional and empathetic. They are spiritual and intuitive and have an innate ability to understand what other people are experiencing. They also tend to be sensitive to the environment around them as they are often empathetic.

So what does this mean for working with the Full Moon energy? You can add the energy of Pisces to your Full Moon reflections by asking yourself the following reflective questions:

  • What do I dream of (literally: what are your dreams telling you)? How might I manifest these dreams and make them my reality? Or what about my dreams scares me or haunts me?
  • What is my Big Dream? How am I taking steps to fulfill that dream? What’s holding me back?
  • How have I been neglecting myself and my self-care lately? How can I bring my self-care back into balance?
  • What does my intuition tell me?

Enjoy working with the Full Moon energy in Pisces! It should be an intuitive and dreamy time for all of us.


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