Full Moon in Sagittarius


I was recently asked by a reader to explore Moon signs and archetypes. This will be the first of a series of posts on working with Moon energy. Each New Moon and Full Moon, I will post suggestions for working with that archetype and harness the energy of the Moon's cycle.

Full Moon Energy

The full moon is the time of a birth, a time when the seeds you planted at the New Moon prior (approximately 2 weeks ago) come to fruition. So if you set goals and intentions at the New Moon, now is a great time to bring them out and evaluate your progress.

  • What do you need to do between now and the next New Moon to birth your intentions?
  • What needs to happen in your life for that to occur?
  • What do you need to finish up?
  • What do you need to let go of?


The Waning Time

The time between the New and Full Moons is considered the waning time. This is not the time to launch new programs, unless you began crafting them at the last New Moon. The waning time is a time where we go within and reflect – time to prepare for the next New Moon and what we want to put into place at that time. This is a perfect time for release ceremonies, getting introspective about your life, and letting go of what no longer works.


Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign and those born under this sign tend to be a little quick-tempered and direct (they tell it like it is with no sugar coating), but on the other hand they are also very lively, fun, adventurous, and flexible go-with-the-flow kind of people (Sagittarians are not planners by nature). They tend to be more rule breakers than rule makers and they love their freedom.

So what does this mean for working with the Full Moon energy? You can add the energy of Sagittarius to your Full Moon reflections by asking yourself the following:

  • How might I need to adapt and change in my life right now? What's not working for me that could use a little boost of fire energy?
  • What am I really searching for in life (think big picture)? What do I really and truly want to attract or give birth to in my life right now?
  •  What have I been missing in my life? What have I been depriving myself of?
  • What do I have too much of? What might be calling for a little moderation right now?

Enjoy working with the Full Moon energy in Sagittarius! It should be a profoundly insightful time for all of us.


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