Getting In Touch with My Roots

root chakraAs I shared last week, after a recent session with a spiritual healer, I’ve been called to explore the energies of my body’s chakra system, beginning with the root (1st) chakra.

The Root, or Muladhara, Chakra is the seat of our bodies. It’s quite literally our roots. The word mula means “root” or “source” and the word adhara means “support.” So our root chakra is the source of our support – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

When I was studying Psychology as an undergraduate, we learned about Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow argued that we all strive for something he called self-actualization (our true potential), but that most of us never get there because our more mundane, basic needs never get met. And it’s hard to concentrate on our soul’s purpose when we’re hungry, unemployed, and don’t have a roof over our heads.

At the core of Maslow’s hierarchy were our physiological needs: food, water, air, sleep, things that allow our bodies to function normally. Next in the hierarchy was safety and security in all of their levels: health, home, job, resources, etc.

And that’s what the root chakra represents, the idea that we cannot achieve enlightenment, we cannot ascend if we aren’t getting our basic needs met. And, according to my inner goddess, I haven’t been. Yes, I’ve been eating and sleeping pretty well, but in the midst of my divorce and move, my sense of safety and security in home, finances, and myself flew out the window.

I’ve been taking note of this and working through past and more recent feelings of insecurity and dis-ease with my environment. I’ve been painting (see above for my rendition of the Muladhara Chakra) and meditating and working through chakra healing books (Mona Lisa Schulz and Brenda Davies offer some excellent resources for chakra healing).

I’ve come to realize that for me, my feelings of insecurity stem from childhood. According to Brenda Davies, our root chakra develops between birth and 5 years of age, so it makes sense that those with root chakra imbalances may have unresolved issues from early in life. She also argues that each chakra cycles in 30 year increments – so any unhealed root chakra issues will appear again between 30 and 34 and 60 and 64. My early 30s marked a time when I was dealing with endometriosis and infertility, issues deeply rooted in what I thought it meant to be a woman. No wonder I felt insecure!

But as I have grown, matured, and reconnected with my inner goddess, I appear to be having some of these root issues reappear in my life, issues that I thought I had healed but had not. Hence, my breaking my heel (the very root of my body twice in the past year).

This time, I am taking the time to work through these issues, to heal my heel, body, mind, and any lingering insecurities. Once again, I called upon the Goddess for her help. Kali’s message has come through loud and clear again for me: “Power does not always come from acquisition; sometimes it comes from knowing when to let go. Call upon me when you are faced with uncertainty.” In my case, I am letting go of my marriage, my disappointments in things I wanted in that relationship that never came to pass, my ability to control my own body’s healing. I am calling upon Kali’s strength, awareness, and inner knowing to get me through my recent endings and beginnings. And through this process, my roots will only become stronger, will take root (literally) and flourish. For that I am grateful. It’s like getting a second chance in life.

If you too find yourself dealing with old (or new) issues of safety and security, or if you have some unresolved issues you need to heal and let go of, I encourage you to do some 1st chakra healing work and call upon Kali to help in this process. As the Dark of the Moon (waning crescent) is upon us, any rituals you do surrounding release at this time will be that much more powerful, allowing you to attract new elements of safety and security into your life as the wheel turns and the New Moon grows into Full over the next two weeks.    

Next week we’ll discuss the second chakra. Until then, happy releasing and healing!

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  • Peggy says:

    When I guide yoga nidra I spend a lot of time guiding my students through the root chakra. There’s so much richness in our lives when we feel strong, stable, safe, rooted, and connected. xxoo

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