Self-Love: The Path to Inner Happiness (It’s Time to Put YOU at the Top of Your Priority List) Audio Class

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Ladies, do you take care of everyone but YOU? It’s time for you to step onto the path of Self-Love and happiness and take the same advice that you give your friends and loved ones. You see, Self-Love is about giving yourself the same love, respect, compassion, and self-care that you would give to another. You deserve it! During this content-rich class you’ll discover how to fall in love with yourself again, why it’s so important that you put yourself at the top of your priority list and so much more. You’ll walk away with empowering tips and resources to support you on your path to inner happiness.


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AUDIO CLASS (mp3) – 36 min

Top 10 Self-Care Tips (pdf)

Self-Love Vow (pdf)

Self-Love Reflective Questions (pdf)

When I started loving myself (pdf)


  • Jan says:

    Thank you for these downloads. SELF LOVE is the key to everything.

  • janelle says:

    I’m just starting to try and love myself ive always said I loved myself but ive always felt like I had to make everybody else not mad or not think I didn’t care about them by putting them first but then I become bitter and salty i used to never cry but this last year ice been crying all the time so much that I feel like my bf probly thinks I lied when we met cuz I’d never cry but I fell in love with him and started crying for all the love ice withheld from myself all these years and it’s hard to remember plus I feel the need to explain myself to everyone but I don’t even understand it half the time I just know I’m missing something . my life was meant for more and Idk even what my passions are ppl have said my kids and my old job that I can’t do anymore. Anyways thanks for your site I’m still learning but it’s slow .

    • Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D. says:

      Oh Janelle,

      I am so sorry you are going through this. Please schedule an Inner Goddess Wisdom Session with me so I can see if I can help you further this process along.

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