Healing with the Goddess: Gaia – Mother Earth

World EyeIn the circle of life, Winter is a time when the Great Mother Goddess, Gaia, goes within to give herself time to heal. And if you know her story, she really needed some down time. According to Greek myth and legend, Gaia’s story goes something like this:

In the beginning were the four Elements: Earth (Gaia), Water (Pontus), Air (Chaos), and Sky (Ouranos) (some say Gaia emerged from Chaos and then gave birth to Ouranos and Pontus). As Gaia was the only female, she had the pick of the litter, so to speak. Ouranos caught her eye and they wed (Note: incest was not a problem for the Ancient Greeks). Soon after, Gaia gave birth to the Titans. But Ouranos became jealous of his children as they were taking up so much of his precious wife’s time. So he got her pregnant again and this time she gave birth to the Cylops (one-eyed giants), and the Hecatonchires (giants with 50 hands and 50 heads – Yikes!). Ouranos hid these giants from his wife, hoping he could train them to kill his first offspring, the Titans. Gaia found out and tricked hubby into coming to her bed for a wild night of passion. One of the Titans, Cronus, waited and killed good old Dad. From Ouranus' spilled blood, Gaia birthed the Erinyes (also known as the Furies, Goddesses of vengeance), the Giants (I guess the Cylops and Hecatonchires weren’t enough) and the Meliae (ash-tree nymphs). From the testicles of Ouranus came forth Aphrodite (I should have warned you this tale was rather gruesome). All told, Gaia had somewhere between 30 and 50 children, depending on the tale. No wonder she was so tired!

The interesting thing about Gaia is that she was complete in herself. Having the ability to birth children without becoming pregnant in the traditional way, she is truly the Mother of all. She is known for her mothering, nurturing, creativity, and balance (after all, she did give birth to all of the Elements, Heaven, and Hell). So she is a perfect Goddess to call upon when you feel you need some nurturing or you seek balance in your life.

Inner Goddess Wisdom Tip:

Write down 5 things you love to do to take care of yourself. Now go do one of them and schedule the others on your calendar for some time within the next month.

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