Thank you so much for joining me for:

Awaken Your Inner Goddess and Reconnect with Your Intuition.

We covered:
  • My aha moment that lead to reconnecting with my Inner Goddess, my intuition
  • the 6 sacred keys to reconnecting with your intuition
  • a release ceremony to let go of what no longer serves and a guided meditation to meet your Inner Goddess and reconnect with her.
Go here for the replay of the call in its entirety. Go here for just the meditation portion for those of you who want to listen to it again.
And thank you so much for joining me for:

Reconnect with Your Intuition: 7 Sacred Steps

We covered:
  • the 7 sacred steps I used to reconnect with my intuition
  • my favorite essential oils for connecting with my intuition
  • how the 6th chakra can be blocked and prevent you from connecting in
  • how to distinguish your intuition from your inner critic
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