Reconnecting with Your Intuition: Finding Wisdom in the Silent Moments

I was talking with one of my students about a decision she was trying to make the other day. Debating over which graduate school to choose or if she should take a year off, she came to me for guidance. 

“What does your heart say?” I asked her.

“Well I made a pro and con list,” she explained, “and they're about equal.”

“No,” I countered. “Not your head or your ego mind. What does your heart say?”

She looked dumbfounded, as though she wasn't even quite sure what I meant. She finally said, “I don't know,” and went on to tell me about the advice her grandmother had given her.

I feel her pain. I too used to be so disconnected from my heart space/inner goddess/intuition that I didn't really know the difference between what my heart said and what my head said. But over the years, I've begun to understand just how invaluable that heart wisdom is and how, when I listen to and trust that intuition, things usually turn out much better than when I ignore my inner goddess and follow the guidance of my head/ego mind or what others think or tell me to do.

But how do you know the difference? How do you begin to reconnect with that inner source of guidance? For me, it was a conscious decision to begin checking in with myself on a daily basis (and no, this process doesn’t require a ton of time). The more I did so, the more I began to check in on a daily basis, the more I learned that there is wisdom and beauty in those still, silent moments. Those moments not only fill my cup, but provide me with the answers I seek to guide me to make decisions that will result in manifesting what I want to bring to my life so I can be of more service to the world.

In today's video, I discuss the different ways your intuition might appear in your life and how to know the difference between your heart wisdom and your ego mind.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to join our Sacred Circle, where this month's topic is Reconnecting with Your Intuition.

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