It All Comes Down to Self-Love

Love and pregnancy concept.I was a guest on The Sisters Internet TV show this past Saturday.  We were all invited to talk about our own journeys with body image and weight struggles. From a man who lost over 170 pounds in the past year to a former bikini model to a mom of four, we all shared one thing in common:

I was invited to speak not only about my own body image struggles but about how I help men and women learn to love their bodies just as they are right now. The more I talked, the more everyone chimed in and it struck me as fascinating how we were basically all saying the same thing. It all comes down to self-love.

If we loved our bodies, we would take better care of ourselves. If we loved our bodies we wouldn't be so mean to ourselves. If we loved ourselves, we would love our bodies.

Aaron, the man who lost 170 pounds in the past year following a gastric bypass surgery had an interesting question: when you don't even see yourself accurately, how do you start? How do you take that first step to really learn to love and accept yourself as you are now no matter what your weight, shape or size?
Once again we all had a similar answer: The first step is awareness – really noting how you treat yourself during the day. How often do you have negative thoughts? How often do you pick apart at yourself? How often you compare yourself to somebody else and come up lacking?
The next step is to really start to counter that negative programming. Whether it's waking up to see your vision board placed across from your bed, setting alarms on your phone to remind you to stay positive and love yourself, or to surround yourself with positive sayings in your office and at home, we all agreed it's important to stay positive. You must focus on what you do you love about yourself and your life rather than what you don't. This is a necessary part of rewiring your brain. 
Finally, the first step to begin to heal your relationship with yourself and your body must come from within. There is no magic pill or potion; no one can do this healing work for you. Much like Glinda the good witch said to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “You had the power within you all along.” It's your job to do the work to heal, to change, to learn to love yourself again.
If you need help pointing you in the right direction, it is Self-Love month here in Dr. Mary land! To celebrate, I've got my Learn to Love Yourself Again ecourse on sale for those of you who learn best at your own pace. If you're looking for more interactive support, you could always join my sacred circle group coaching program, still at the introductory low price for the month of May.
Here's to you fully learning to love and accept yourself and your body again.

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