It’s Time to Call Back Your Power

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Goddesses, it is time to call back our power.

I was talking to a client of mine yesterday. We were doing inner mean girl/self-love healing affirmation work. I asked her if she was standing in her power. She said, “No, I don't know that I have any power.”

Oh my sweet Goddess, you have all the power, so much more than you know. You've just been giving it away to everyone else in an effort to [fill in the blank: please them, not shine too brightly, not appear too boastful, not draw too much attention to yourself, make sure you don't offend anyone …]

It is time to call back your power.


A Goddess is a power-full woman.


A Queen is a power-full woman.


Remember this line from our Queen's Code: A Queen does not give away her power, nor does she take power away from others. A Queen acts from a place of empowerment – empowering herself and others.


Last week we asked the question: What would it take for you to be Queen of Your Own Life? As I was reflecting upon my answers, I decided it was time to make a commitment to myself, a manifesto if you will. This manifesto is more than just a code or creed to me; it's a reminder of what Queens do and do not do.  If it serves you, I encourage you to use it as a model to write your own.


The Queen's Manifesto:

My body is a sacred vessel of the Divine, and within it lies my power. I am a container for all that is creative, nurturing, and sensual. I pulsate with radiant life force energy.


As Queen and Goddess of My Own Life,

I do not need or seek your approval, for all the acknowledgement I need lies within me.


I am confident, in myself and my life's work. I feel safe and secure, knowing full well that as a power-full woman I can take care of myself. Universe will provide for all of my wants and needs. All I have to do is ask for what I want and then let go, trusting I will get what I need in due time.


I am a Divine Creatrix, balanced in both masculine and feminine sides of myself. I am one with all, yet wholly and completely myself. I use my powers to bring joy and love upon those I allow into my life. I give my love freely with no expectation or conditions, to those worthy of receiving it, and I share my gifts, my light with the world.


This is the premise upon which I live my life, as Queen, Goddess, and Divine Priestess of my Life. I am sacred. I am holy. I am me.


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