Laughing with the Universe

laughterI was talking to my friend Lori today – yes, Lori of the “Why did you break your heel?” fame. We were talking about awakening and how once you awaken and learn to listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you, you no longer have to get hit with Cosmic 2x4s.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that 2013 was my year of Cosmic 2x4s. By Fall of 2013, I felt like Lieutenant Dan in the storm-at-sea scene in Forrest Gump when Dan is raging against God and the elements – taunting God with something like, “Is that all you’ve got? Bring it!”

But as 2013 rounded the corner to 2014, I realized something. Telling the Goddess/God/Universe to “Bring it!” will get you exactly what you asked for – more Cosmic 2x4s. By fighting with the Universe, taunting it, I only managed to bring myself more heartache and more pain, which was the opposite of what I really wanted.

So I learned to laugh. Not at the Universe, mind you, but with the Universe. I started seeing those Cosmic 2x4s as lessons I needed to learn. And learn them, I did – after all, when I didn’t or when I slipped up, the Universe kindly sent me a reminder! After a while, those Cosmic 2x4s turned into gentle nudges. And as I learned to laugh with those as well. As time passes, I’m getting more and more ‘gut feelings’ than gentle nudges. Feelings from my intuition that make me stop my course before I do something that would cause the Universe to send another gentle nudge or Cosmic 2×4 my way.

It’s so much easier to be at peace with whatever lessons the Universe feels I need to learn than fighting those lessons. Life is so much more pleasant.

A spiritual teacher once told me, “Life is supposed to be hard.” I now disagree. Life should be easy – we simply have to learn to surf the waves of life rather than fight them. Am I saying that by allowing nothing bad will ever happen to us? No. But by allowing, you’ll be more likely to see the blessing of the event. For example, when my father was diagnosed with cancer, I learned that work – my to-do list, in particular – really wasn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. Work would be there tomorrow, whereas my Dad might not. In fact, he only lived a year and a half after his cancer diagnosis.

Did I grieve once he passed? Of course. It felt like my heart was being ripped in two. But the more I allowed myself to grieve, the more that sadness and emptiness passed through me.

My friend Kami has a saying about life’s little lessons. The first step is to eat them – swallow them whole. Unfortunately, most of us stop there. And that lesson turns fetid, rotting away inside of us. After we eat the lesson, we should digest it – process it, journal about it, make sense of it, figure out what it means to and for us. And then, eliminate it. That’s right – let it go. Once you’ve digested it, there is no reason to keep ruminating like a cow chewing cud. The lesson is learned, you’ve gotten use out of it, so let it pass through you.

I wish I could say I always did that – eat, digest, eliminate – but I’m only human of course. Thank the Goddess that the Universe is always ready to serve that lesson up to me again on a silver platter until I finally learn to digest and eliminate it once I’ve eaten it!

So here’s to the Universe and life’s little and not-so-little lessons. May you find the courage to eat them, the strength to digest them, and the wisdom to let them pass through you.


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