Why is This Happening for Me?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast, Lori's Lemonade Stand, this past week. I'll let you know as soon as the episode goes live. She started the episode by asking me to dish the dirt. She wanted to know where I came from, what my story was, why I say that my mess is my message. And dish I did. And I thought, “What a wonderful idea. What a wonderful way to begin a podcast episode!” 

I talked about this before – on the blog, in my podcast, and on telesummits. Often times people think that because you have a podcast, or YouTube channel, or a blog, that you somehow have it all together, have it all figured out. When faced with a particularly challenging life struggle, clients often ask me, “When is this going to be done? Haven't I learned my lesson yet?” The answer is: it depends. Sometimes we may think that we've learned our lesson, and for a while – maybe even a few years – everything goes smoothly. And then there's that day. That day when you think that whatever lesson you thought you'd resolved comes roaring back into your life once again.

What I've learned in my 43 years on this planet is that life is but a lesson. We all have what I like to call onions – our particular life challenges, struggles, lessons that we were sent here to learn. But onions have many layers. We heal one layer and we think, “I'm done!” Only to find out weeks, months, years later that in fact we weren't done, it's time to dive deep into yet another layer.

As frustrating as these onions may be for us, I encourage you to start to look at them with a slightly different perspective. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, what if you could learn to see the beauty of the lesson that it's trying to teach you? In today's video I talk about how to do just that.

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