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Modern Day Goddess: Lorraine CohenInternationally recognized life strategist and spiritual guide. A charismatic inspirational speaker, teacher, and charismatic broadcast personality, Lorraine uses her extraordinary spiritual and intuitive gifts to empower clients to transform fear, release their burdens, and liberate their True Self;  to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningful. Humanity’s awakening is her deepest prayer and commitment.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

My passion is helping both women and men to balance their male and female aspects and to listen to the whisperings of their own truth and to return to their True self and nature. It is time to shed the false identities we have come to believe we are and to allow our souls to emerge as the guiding force in our life. That is my gift and purpose.

At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

I have been awakening all my life. When I was 31, I experienced a profoundly painful “inner earthquake” when I faced many illusions shattered. That was a turning point, like flipping a light switch to my spiritual awakening; to recover who I really am and claim my Divine power. It was terrifying, raw, and exhilarating.

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

Here’s a great example: As a psychotherapist and a former addictions counselor, I used to work in a recovery center. There were times I struggled to set boundaries with client demands and felt they “needed me” to heal. My supervisor reminded me that clients were living their lives before they met me and would continue to do so whether they were working with me or not.

Shifting from a human Do-ing to a human Be-ing was another role to release. Prioritizing self-care and my spiritual practices has enabled me to hone my innate intuitive skills, have more energy, and zest for life. People experience a happier more loving “me” now.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

I have had to confront my definitions of success to now being defined as living my life in harmony with my heart and soul path rather than how much money I have, what I have achieved etc. Seeing myself as successful in this new way has been liberating and a great confidence builder.

Owning my value and claiming myself as a powerful woman without apology has also been liberating. I have reclaimed my power to bring my voice out into the world by standing in my authentic self, as I continue to be revealed to who I am; stepping up to what I feel called to do and be so that I can be of the highest service to others in their journey.

Standing in my power has given me the courage to do the inner healing work to open my heart to greater love and compassion for myself and others. Continuing to learn how to surrender and live in the present has brought me in greater harmony with peace and Divine Grace. Walking through fear has shown me how to masterfully transform fear into courage and triumph in this new time of humanity’s awakening into Light. I experience life with longer moments of inner peace and love rather than living in struggle and suffering.

And one of the most important gifts is fostering a deeper bond with the Divine has given my courage and faith to trust myself and trust that God is there to care for my wants and needs.

There have been so many more gifts…..

I have never felt more vibrant and alive as I experience higher states of consciousness

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

I became a Oneness blessing giver in March 2011 through Oneness University, located in India. Giving and receiving the blessing, which is an energy transmission of Divine Grace, is a favorite practice. Daily conversations with God, gratitude, and giving seva (service) to others are some of the ways that nourish my heart and soul. In the Oneness community we have many beautiful rituals such as Bhakti, singing and dancing to the Moola Mantra, “Sat Chit Ananada” which means Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

Not really. At times I have reached out to Kuan Yin for help in healing and opening my heart to greater love and compassion for myself and others. I am drawn to working with Angels and Archangels, especially Michael when my faith, trust, and courage needs some fortifying.

Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?

Approach each day with the curiosity of a child and the courage of a warrior. The world needs you to show up and stand in your power, now more than ever. It is your love, your compassion and your fierceness to family, to Oneness.. that will  lift the world into the Light. As you transform yourself, you will transform the world. I love you for who you are and all the ways you shine in the world. Namaste’


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