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sarawiseman headshotSara Wiseman is a spiritual teacher, intuitive and author of six insightful books on spirituality and intuition. She is the founder of Intuition University, hosts the popular radio show Ask Sara, and is a top contributor to DailyOM, VividLife, InspireMeToday, Aspire Magazine and more.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

This life is a miracle, and to be an Everyday Goddess is to live this truth in all the ways we can —mind, body and soul. That means being fully ourselves, in all the authentic, quirky, flawed and amazing ways we are. It means living fully in our bodies, exactly as they are right this minute, with full appreciation. And it means living our dreams now—not waiting for later, but creating lives of passion and meaning, every single day.


At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

I think I’ve always understood myself this way. As a child I was highly intuitive, yet I also was a bit of a tomboy—I had freedom to roam around and explore perhaps more than most girls my age, and this built confidence and the awareness of “me being able to take care of me” at any time. My parents allowed me to explore my own quirky interests, which even as young child were all centered around spirituality and mystic experiences. And, that said: I never quite fit in with others, so I became myself instead. I highly recommend this approach!


What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

As happens for many women, I had to sacrifice almost everything in order to step into my true adult self: a near death experience, the death of my father, divorce after 18 years of marriage and three children, loss of job… a giant chaotic clearing that happened all at once. The Universe is always asking us to expand to our highest self, and if we are stuck, the Universe will “nudge” us to make these transformative changes. It’s hard when it happens, but when you get through it you understand why.


What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

My intuition and my spirituality. During the dark chaos mentioned above, I just kept surrendering down to the Divine, and the more I surrendered, the more transparent I became. My intuition opened fully, and I had a spiritual awakening that changed everything. Many people, not just women, are having this kind of experience now. The gift of spiritual intuition, which is utterly Divine Feminine, allowed me to live my life in a way that finally felt like “me”. Like coming home.

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Well, I’m still a mom with kids at home—so that’s a lot of feminine service! My practice is very busy too, so that’s more service to others, which love. Yet still, I live a fairly contemplative life—I do sacred practice every day: intuitive practices, journaling, meditation, body awareness, being in nature. As an example of a softer ritual: I sit out under the trees in all weather, and simply listen. As an example of a more mystic ritual: I head outside whenever there’s a full moon, and hold wonder for this life.


Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

I am not sure of the name of this Goddess, but I would call her Goddess of the Trees. In Celtic tradition, trees were considered sacred beings; I adore this view and it resonates deeply with me. Trees are the ultimate Divine Feminine; they are deeply rooted, yet they also lean toward the Light. They nurture and harbor all creatures who come to them. They are patient in their spot, and they weather changes with grace.


Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if it’s not “mainstream” or “what everyone else is doing”. Get quirky! Be you! We are each unique, and the Goddess shows up in different ways for each of us. Let go of fear, tap into your own innate intuition, live as a sacred being having an earth experience, and step into your own truth. Don’t waste another minute— become a woman who lives exactly as herself, in all the ways this can be. You are Divine!

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