Planning For Those Moments When Life Takes You Off Track

I wish I could tell you that once you've healed – whatever the struggle may be – that you'll never have problems again. That everything will always be rainbows and puppy dogs and butterflies. But, let's face it. Life happens. Your mother-in-law comes to town, your boss makes you work overtime to get a big project done, the holidays send you into a tailspin. 

I can't prevent life from happening any more than you can. But what I can help you do is make a plan for when life happens. I can help you figure out what your triggers are and what to do when you: 1) know they are about to occur, and/or 2) they've already happened. You can do this. I've got your back. In today's podcast, I walk you through this process. I hope it serves you. Much love!


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