Praise for Private Coaching with Dr. Mary


“When I met with Mary I was in a downward spiral with my mental and physical health and desperate for answers. After fruitless doctor’s visits and expensive blood tests that didn’t resolve anything, I knew that a holistic approach was the way to go. As a small business owner and mother to energetic young boys, I couldn’t afford to stay on the path I was on. When I met with Mary she put me at ease right away. She is kind, thoughtful and astoundingly insightful. She explained everything clearly and helped me develop a plan that was easy to follow, attainable, and coupled with logical, common-sense advice that, a year later, is still relevant and applicable.” – Tahirih 


“Dr. Mary is awesome. She gives you just what you need and provides you options to choose the best way to work with her. Thank you for doing what you do. So many women need JUST what you offer.” ~ Sue


“Mary, you are the epitome of an awakened woman!  A Goddess who, upon awakening to her truth and light, continues to dive deep into the depths of healing and self-discovery to bravely face the layers of false beliefs and wounds in order to show up fully in the world. You, my dear friend, are a sacred guide and coach, bringing a dynamic combination of your psychology background and education and deep spiritual wisdom to your empowering work with women.  You inspire me with the depths at which you share your truth with vulnerability and authenticity in order to empower other women to see that they are not alone on this journey. I am honored our paths have crossed and know that your sacred message, programs and work will support and empower women in awakening to their feminine truth.” ~ Linda Joy

“You know how I see you, Dr. Mary? You're this little fairy who sprinkles Goddess glitter on women so they can see their own worth.” ~ Jeanne

“Dr. Mary is incredible. She has this ability to make the complex for “brain science ” simple to relate to, understand and process. Her method of teaching is straightforward and filled with so much love. Her message around self love and working with the universe to create all you want is such a gift!!! Thank you, Dr. Mary!!!!” ~ Jessica Martel
I began working with Dr. Mary to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors.  Almost immediately I began to have “aha” moments, where realization after realization came to the surface.  I have read many self-help books, taken courses, and spend time journaling, so I am familiar with the process.  What made the difference for me was having Dr. Mary ask questions that were specific to me and my situation,  working with me to create an action plan with steps to take and goals to meet, and knowing that I would be accountable for what I accomplished by our next session.  I have found that not only have I stopped my self-sabotaging behaviors, I am able to ask for what I need, take time for myself without feeling guilty, and accomplish more while actually enjoying my life. A side bonus is that my most important relationships have improved and I am no longer willing to settle for “less than”.  The best part is that these changes are coming from a place of love, not fear.  My inner mean girl is the guide she was meant to be.  I love the path I am on and I am thankful that Dr. Mary helped me find it. ~ Carolyn

Praise for Dr. Mary's ecourses and Group Programs


“Dr. Mary's 30 Days to BodyLove Program has helped me in so many ways. Not only is it helping me to love myself and accept myself, but I am looking at things much more positively now. It’s helped me to get past being sad and over analyzing things. Just doing what feels good, what feels right. I haven’t felt this optimistic and happy in a long time. I am loving myself, issues and all. I’m really starting to see the good in others now too. Attracting some wonderful people and opportunities into my life. Thank you Mary.” – Caitlin


“Since I’ve started this 30 days, the most precious wisdom I take from this course is talking to my body, because it actually listens, since I figured it out, I’ve been praising and apologizing so much, especially when I’m going through pain and discomfort. Works for me. Thank you!” – Wendy


“I am pretty proud of myself right now. I just got off a ten hour shift at Starbucks, and I’m covered in frap roast, mocha sauce, whip cream, and god knows what else as well as sweated all my makeup off because it was a crazy shift. I went to a friend’s house right afterward went straight to the bathroom as soon as I got there, I looked in the mirror and saw a pretty twenty something woman. I didn’t look for any flaws and didn’t realize what I did till a few minutes later and to be honest I’m really shocked. I can’t remember the last time I looked in the mirror and didn’t try to tear myself down. It makes me hopeful that I can do this all the time.” – Mikki