I am thrilled to share my new Reclaiming BodyLove Podcast series with you!

The Reclaiming BodyLove Podcast is for anyone desiring a better relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves. Psychology and BodyLove expert Dr. Mary Pritchard offers heart-centered guidance and easy-to-follow advice so that you can learn to embrace all of you just as you are and genuinely love the skin you’re in.

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You are welcome to listen here to get a feel for my new offering. I recommend that you begin with the Reclaiming BodyLove Kick off interview.


The Reclaiming BodyLove Podcast Kick Off Interview

In this kick-off interview, hosted by Shann Vander Leek, Dr. Mary shares her inspiration and vision for the Reclaiming BodyLove Podcast.


Welcome to the Reclaiming BodyLove Podcast

The Reclaiming BodyLove Podcast is a weekly series that offers advice for anyone desiring a better relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves.

This podcast is filled with tips, tricks, stories, and advice based on my own 40+ year journey with my own struggles with food, my body, and my relationship with myself, as well as 20+ years of research on body image, body dissatisfaction, and factors affecting our relationships with food, our bodies, and ourselves. I've been there. I know your struggles, I've experienced BodyShame and I healed it. You can do it too. I will hold your hand as we walk through healing that BodyShame and moving into a place of self-love, self-acceptance, and BodyLove where you can truly embrace all of you, just as you are.

And more importantly, as the BodyLove expert for Aspire Magazine as well as the editor of the BodyLove, Self-Love, and Sexual Wellness section and BodyLove SOS columnist for BellaMia magazine, this is the place where you can have your questions answered by an expert on BodyLove and Self-Love. If you have a question you'd like answered on a future podcast, please email me at

Here's to healing your relationship with the woman in the mirror!

Perfect Just As You Are Overview

As I begin this podcast series, I would like to share with you my focus for the first 7 weeks, as well as share with you a little background and insight into my journey to BodyLove.

Over the next 7 weeks we will be diving into the 7 steps I use with my own clients in my quick start program to healing your relationship with food, your body, and yourself, You’re Perfect As You Are.

Step 1 – Where Do I Feel Broken?

Step 2 – Learning to Let Go

Step 3 – Breaking Old Patterns  

Step 4 – Pieces of Me –

Step 5 – Picking Up the Pieces

Step 6 – Leave Your Baggage at the Door

Step 7 – Learning to Love Yourself

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