Are You Ready to Reconnect

with Your Inner Goddess?

 Are You Ready to Finally and Fully

Trust Yourself?

Imagine feeling like the Goddess you are: whole, healthy, and enough. Imagine finally walking in your power and speaking your truth because you Trust that you know what's best for you. What would your life be like if you didn't have to worry what everyone else thinks? If you could count on you and know that no matter what, you've got your back?

Yes, it's possible. I'm living proof that this process works.


Reconnect with Your Intuition is my signature 8-week home study program that will help you activate your Inner Goddess and learn to trust yourself so you can live a more empowered life in just 8 weeks!


How Do You Know

Reconnect with Your Intuition

Will Work for You?

butterfly-bullet Do you constantly find yourself at the end of your very long to-do list?

butterfly-bullet Do you feel disconnected from yourself? From that still, small voice within?

butterfly-bullet Are you ready to learn to walk in your power and speak your truth, but you don't now where to start?

butterfly-bullet Are you afraid that if you put down one of the balls you are juggling, life will fall apart and your loved ones might suffer? It's time to learn to let go…

butterfly-bullet Do you just wish you could trust yourself – that inner voice of wisdom – a little bit more? Or maybe you struggling with figuring out what's your inner voice of wisdom and what's your inner critic?

butterfly-bullet Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or resentful as you struggle to hold it all together?

Are you ready to Activate the

glorious, beautiful Goddess within?


 Are You Ready to

Reconnect with Your Intuition?


Here's What You Get:








Below is a brief overview of the 7 sacred steps that we’ll be moving through during our journey together.

  • Step 1: Be vs. Do – stop thinking of your life as an endless to-do list and start enjoying the here and now
  • Step 2: Put on Your Oxygen Mask – you can’t take care of anything or anyone until you learn to take care of you first
  • Step 3: Walk in Your Power – own your truth, speak your mind, and live YOUR life rather than giving all of your time and energy away to everyone else
  • Step 4: Learn to Let Go – sometimes we can’t control everything and that’s okay
  • Step 5: Learn to Trust Yourself Again when we make decisions from a place of self-love, self-acceptance, and open communication with our Soul, we make decisions that honor us
  • Step 6: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – if you’ve been living someone else’s life because it’s what’s familiar, what’s comfortable, it’s time to step out and be you
  • Step 7: Find Your Voice – you cannot rediscover your intuition only to ignore it. Honor yourself by speaking your truth and walking in your power.


Guided Goddess Sige Meditation and Create Your Goddess Box Videoline

Let the Journey Begin!

 What Are You Waiting For?

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The Goddess Guarantee

This guarantee means that if for some reason you are NOT completely and totally satisfied with my program … if you’re not able implement the suggestions I provide … or if my coaching doesn’t meet your expectations (for whatever reason), simply let me know and I’ll let you choose one of Dr. Mary’s other home study courses of equal or lesser value to replace it with.

 Which makes this a totally risk free purchase, with absolutely nothing to lose!