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2015-06-03 10.58.52


I was on a beach in California watching the waves crash over the rocks when it hit me: I was tired of waiting for my happy ending. Tired of living my life in reaction mode instead of creating the life I want to be living. Tired of pretending I was Cinderella and if I just waited long enough, my Prince would come save me from myself.

As I walked along the beach, I asked myself, “why do I not come here more often?” It's only a couple of hours plane ride away. I always make excuses. I don't have time to travel. It costs too much money to travel. I can't afford it, and California is too expensive anyway.
Yet, that's all they are. Excuses. Limiting beliefs. Lies I tell myself. And I don't want to do that anymore.
So I made a few decisions while I was in California.
  1. I left my Princess behind on that beach. I'm stepping into my Queenhood. I also left my people pleaser and doer there too. And my inner mean girl.
  2. I decided I wanted to travel, instead of just talking about how I want to travel… 
  3. I decided to stop holding myself back when it comes to my business growth. So I am exploring new wealth channels. 
  4. I decided that it's time I came out of hiding in a big way. That I stopped playing small. That I stopped second guessing myself on career decisions and trusted the Universe to provide the way for me. I am a much better manifestor than I give myself credit for. I only have to believe that I am.



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