Spirit Advice For Walking The Path Of The Everyday Goddess

power animalIn this article I will share with you how connecting with spirit guides can support and guide you as you step into the role of the everyday goddess. I do that by sharing a recent shamanic journey, in which my power animal shares insights about and advice for being an everyday goddess.

I begin by setting the intention to learn more about being an everyday goddess. I make my preparations for the journey, and what happened next follows here:

I become present here where I am, present in my body, not resisting or avoiding but filling it out with my awareness. I notice my breath, noticing how the air I breathe in and breathe out, connects me to everything else. Our problems come when we see ourselves as separate and see connectedness as a threat. That is where environment comes in – choosing a supportive, sacred, nurturing environment. Which people do you choose to be with? And what places do you choose to spend your time? Are you taking time to be in and connect with nature? Even in big cities you'll find a patch of green – if not a park, then a tree or a plant – or perhaps a bird singing. It's hard to find anything more beautiful than a blackbird singing very early in the morning while it is still half dark. If you could hear angels singing, that is one way I could imagine them singing.

I return to the intention for this journey – asking for help to write about the everyday goddess.

I focus on my feet and notice that they are bare – wearing beautiful golden and silver sandals. I'm wearing a light dress, also of a light golden and silver material. I am walking on a beach; more like a tropical island type of beach than my usual one. The sea is to my right. It is peaceful here. I am walking on the sand. There are trees to my left, palm trees I think. I look out over the water and notice its strikingly beautiful turquoise color. Then I notice my power animal, and he is wearing red bathing trunks. I can't help laughing. “How come you're wearing bathing trunks?”, I ask. “You don't need any.”

“No, that's true, but it's fun and it makes you laugh”, he says. “Being an everyday goddess, as you call it, is not just about creating a business and a meaningful living, as opposed to stepping into the ‘usual' female role of doing the work that you were expected to whether you liked it or not. The realization that you can actually create your own life is key to taking your place as an everyday goddess. I did the bathing trunk thing to remind you to pause, to have fun, laugh, to enjoy life. Don't just take over the old traditional ‘masculine' way of creating success by only having focus on work, results, success. The female or goddess model includes the whole being – you realize you are a whole being and work on improving all areas of your life – you don't just move forward in the ‘work' area, but you make sure your body, emotions, spirit follow along as well. And for people like you who tend to get too serious, I'll be here as a reminder to lighten up, to have fun.

That is where communicating with spirit helpers or power animals can be so helpful – because if you regularly connect with them, they will be there to keep you on track, so to speak. They will compassionately remind you what you need to do to become the whole being you're striving to become.

And here's an action step: Take some time to become calm, relaxed, centered – some time for you (That is also a key practice). And once you've reached a state of calm and clarity, ask yourself – or your spirit guides – what area of your life you have been neglecting and you need to bring some attention to in order to become a whole person.

Because if one area is weak, it affects the others. Just identify, don't judge. Then choose one action step you can take today to nurture, heal, balance or strengthen that area.

There is much more to this, but start here for now.”

I thank my helpers and end the journey. What are your thoughts on having a spiritual practice or connecting with spirit or spirit guides as a part of becoming an everyday goddess? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


Marianne Soucy is the founder of Healing Pet Loss and the author of “Healing Pet Loss – Practical Steps for Coping & Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides“. Visit her Everyday Goddess interview page to learn more about her and her free gift.

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