Surrender to Fall

Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a LineAs Summer turns to Fall, I am reminded of how little is actually within our ability to control. I cannot control the scorching heat or the unexpected rain. I cannot control my menstrual cycle (unless I want to use artificial means, which I do not). I cannot seem to control my heel that’s been broken for over a year.

In days past I would have gotten frustrated that things weren’t going my way. How dare my body betray me? How dare the weather ruin my plans? As my 40th birthday approaches in a few short weeks, this year, instead of frustration, I’m going to try surrender. Instead of anger, I’m going to try gratitude.

Yes, the rain means I won’t get my overgrown lawn mowed today, but as this has been an incredibly dry year, I find myself wanting to crutch my way outside and bask in the downpour. The rain today means that the firefighters might have a chance at actually containing all of the wildfires in our area. The water will help clean our air, which has been poor quality for weeks.

Yes, my broken heel means I still can’t run – or walk very well as I am back on crutches – but it will give me more time to paint and write as I am pretty much chair- and home-bound until it heals.

Life happens all around us. Our decision is how we will react to it.

If you’re having trouble seeing the good in all things, you might want to call on The Muses for inspiration and creative blessings. I am calling on Thalia to help me see the humor in all things and Polyhymnia for inspiration as I write and edit my book, Awaken Your Inner Goddess. Who you will call on to help you surrender and see the good in all things?


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