Surrender to the Undertow of Transformation

2013-06-20 10.34.18Every summer we spend lots of weekends on the shores of Lake Michigan. My husband and I remind our young daughter to be mindful of the often present and powerful undertow. We tell her to look for the ripples on the top of  the water. Should she ever get in trouble, we instruct her to hold her breath and flow with the current until it sets her free. We remind her to swim with the current instead of trying to swim straight to shore or she may exhaust herself and drown.

This past weekend I let myself be swept away by a metaphorical undertow of emotions after experiencing several weeks of  deep introspection and intense planetary shifts. The perfect storm for being swept away included the Full Moon in Sagittarius (my Sun Sign), the first day of my moon time, a wise women gathering, and the study of the 7 essene mirrors of relationship. I am humbled. Blown away by how much I have yet to learn on my path to greater consciousness.

I choose to surrender to the undertow of transformation.

What I came away with is this:  I am allowed to be who I am, as I am, in each moment. I do not have to pretend to be strong. I am allowed to show deep sadness and emotion. I do not have to lead all the time. I can receive. I have permission to honor the wild part of my Goddess nature. I can simply show up. I am allowed to be the hot mess that shows up in a perfect storm without making excuses or casting harsh self-judgement.

I choose to accelerate my evolution of consciousness.
I choose to dig deep.
I choose to practice ruthless compassion and passionate detachment.
I choose to participate in my wise women’s circle to learn, heal and make the world a better place for my daughter.

Wise women’s work is rewarding, humbling, fascinating and draining. And at times, this work honors me with a glimmer of sweet liberation. Right responsibility is coming up for me now in a big way. As an enthusiastic teacher, facilitator and wise woman, I often feel like an elder. Part of allowing myself to be swept away last weekend was the realization that I am not an elder or a crone. I am a mother in the process of becoming a sovereign Queen. When I share circle time with women in the process of becoming elders, I often forget my place and am pulled into the flow of elder energy with unrealistic expectations. Then I get impatient with myself (and others) because I’m not ready to step into the role of an elder. It’s no wonder I feel lost at times. I am lost at times. Who isn’t?

My teacher simply invited me to show up (and continue showing up) to see what unfolds. She reminded me that I don’t have to know all of the answers. All I need to know is that I’m in the process of becoming a more present  version of who I’m meant to be. I feel honored to experience this transformational process with a wise teacher and circle of women who say YES to their/our Divine Feminine Unfolding. Deep Exhalation…

Here are five survival tips when caught in the undertow of transformation

1. Remain calm and practice compassionate self-care
2. Identify where you are and surrender to the energy of your current situation
3. Do your best to swim with the flow of your emotions until you can release them
4. Do not expend all of your energy trying to get directly to the shore of your resolution (it may take awhile)
5. When you experience a resolution (arrive at the shore), you’ll need time to rest and recover

Questions for your contemplation and comment:

How do you care for yourself when you are caught in a powerful current of transformation?

Do you ever take on too much responsibility? How would it feel to share your load?

What might happen if you allowed yourself to show up without expectation?


  • Rebecca says:

    Thank you for this post. I have just been through one of these transformative periods you reference and while I am generally at least somewhat aware of what is going on during such times, it is so easy to get swept up in emotion and struggle with getting back to gratitude… It’s always good to be reminded of the (much more beneficial) option of letting go and appreciating the ride. Much love and light to you and yours.

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