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The Year of Me

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year of meMy friend and mentor Linda Joy told me a cute story last week about how her sister had declared 2014 “The Year of Me.” While Linda's family was having a hard time accepting this – they thought it was selfish to dedicate an entire year to yourself – Linda applauded her and suggested I do the same.

 “With everything you went through last year, you need to make 2014 about you. I want you to make a sign that says “The Year of Mary” and post it where you'll see it often. Instead of making a sign, I just wrote the words on my bedroom mirror. I see it every time I pass by the mirror and it's a potent reminder to continually check in with and ask myself throughout the day, “What do you need to do for you right now?”

 It's so easy to get caught up in our endless to-do lists that we forget to put ourselves on that list! Or if we do, it's so far down that list that we never actually make time to do something nice for ourselves.

Hence the Year of Me.

Most women I know have said that 2013 was awful. I've said before that it was the best worst year of my life. But we made it through. And that is something to be celebrated, don't you think? After making it through a year of catastrophe, isn't it time to take a year to Nourish your Soul?

I'll tell you what happens when you don't. You get sick. My friend Linda Joy's theme for the year is Nourish. To make sure she took that seriously, Universe delivered her a big reminder in the form of a head cold that had her out for a week. My theme is Love, as in Self-Love. When I promptly fell back into the chaos of university life, Universe gifted me with the flu. As I sit here and type this, it is Monday. I cancelled all of my meetings today because I knew if I didn't stay home and take care of myself today, Universe would ensure I didn't heal until I took time to Love me enough to allow myself some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

 So I urge you to ask yourself:

What would my year look like if I were to focus on taking care of me?

If it helps, integrate your theme for the year into your question. So for Linda it might be:

What can I do today to Nourish myself?

My question is:

If I acted from a place of Love, what would that look like?

Another one is:

What can I do for myself today that will show me how much I Love Me?

If an entire year seems too scary, just try it for the next 6 weeks. According to Punxsutawney Phil, we have 6 weeks left in Winter. As a testament to that, I woke up to snow this morning. It appears that Mother Nature isn't quite ready bloom yet. She needs more time to Nourish herself before the Spring. And since She's been around a lot longer than I have, I figure She knows what She’s doing.

We've got 6 weeks until Spring, ladies. What's one thing you can focus on to best Love and Nourish yourself in the next 6 weeks?

This is the Year of You. Let's get off to a great start by taking some time for ourselves in the next 6 weeks to Nourish and Love ourselves as we prepare for Spring.