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Listening to Your Body’s Wisdom

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As I shared with you last week, I was recently diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. This has been a journey my body and I have been taking for several years together. It seems that around this time of year every year (the beginning of the Fall season for those of us in the Northern hemisphere), I end up back in this place. Why? There are a number of reasons why I think I am vulnerable to adrenal fatigue in the Fall. The frenetic energy of going back to school, my birthday (another turning of the Wheel of the Year for me), fire season for those of us in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, seasonal changes that mark a 40-50 degree fluctuation in temperatures each day (freezing temps at night, 70 degrees by 3pm), and the anniversary of my father’s death all can contribute to a sense of disenchantment or dis-ease at this time of year.

Yet, I had an aha moment last week when I realized that while these events/anniversaries may make me more vulnerable to illness, it has been my own choices to ignore my body’s wisdom that has led to this repeated pattern of adrenal fatigue. Just when my body tells me it is time to begin turning inward and preparing for the Fall harvest and the coming Winter, my job responsibilities are ramping up, demanding longer hours, more do-ing and less be-ing. Rather than heeding my body’s wisdom, I keep pushing until I can’t push anymore. Pushing leads to stress leads to burnout leads to adrenal fatigue. As painful as it was to realize that I was 100% responsible for my adrenal fatigue, this level of ownership is also freeing. I can make different choices. I can take more time off for me to rest and recover. I can make the choice to do things differently next year so I don’t wind up back in the land of adrenal fatigue again next Fall.

I’m not saying this will be easy. Awareness of the problem is only the first step of the healing journey, after all. But now I have the opportunity to explore what my body has been trying to tell me all along: you have too much on your plate; it’s time to re-assess your roles, responsibilities and obligations and shovel some of them off. Fall is the perfect season for doing this type of work (although, if you are finding yourself exhausted, depleted, fed up, resentful, etc., anytime is a good time to do this work!). In today’s podcast, I am going to talk about listening to your body’s wisdom. If you’ve been dissociated or ignoring your body’s signs and symptoms for too long, this is your chance to learn how to tune in. I hope it serves you.

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What Does it Mean to Nourish Your Temple?

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Love and pregnancy concept.“Your cortisol is low again,” my doctor said. Given my penchant for working too hard and not taking enough time off, low cortisol levels mean one thing: adrenal fatigue. After beating myself up for a couple of minutes for letting myself get to this point again and not learning my lesson the last two times I had adrenal fatigue, I realized it was up to me. I am only borderline adrenal fatigue; that means I can turn it around. I can save this. I don't have to go down this road again. If you've ever had adrenal fatigue, you know that it takes months to heal. I don't want to go through that again.

As I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, I know what to do: I practice self-care, although apparently not enough lately. But the place I struggle with most – and this is a real moment of vulnerability for me to admit this to you – is practicing what I preach. I've learned to love my body over the years and to truly see it as a sacred Temple. However, I don't always treat it as such. 

I've been planning to do a free seven day challenge for you at the end of this month to help me celebrate my birthday. How ironic is it that, as it turns out, I'm the one who needs the challenge? I'm the one who needs to practice what she preaches: self-care and nourishing your sacred body temple.

So I invite you to join me. 7 days of learning how to love your body and nourish your sacred body temple. It's not a forever fix, I realize that. But in this 7 days, you and I will both learn – or in my case relearn – the skills you need to truly take care of you and treat yourself like the Goddess you are.

So what are we going to be doing for our 7 days together? Each day you'll get an audio and a workbook. You'll have a private Facebook group where you can share your trials and tribulations with others who are going through this challenge with you. You'll have my support as a coach and as someone who is participating right along with you. 

I realize you're busy. We all are. I promise it won't take you long. 10 to 15 minutes per day, tops. But what you come out with on the other side is a set of skills you can use time and time again to help reclaim body love and nourish your sacred body temple. You'll learn how to put you at the top of your priority list. You'll learn how to treat your body like the sacred Temple She is. And you're going to feel better, a lot better, than you do right now. Isn't it time you finally took care of you? Finally put you at the top of your priority list? Now is the time.

I hope you'll join me. We start Monday September 26th. You'll get the workbook and link to the Facebook group where you'll find each day's video delivered to you every morning for our 7 days together. Click here to sign up and change your life for the better.



Out of the Ashes, I Shall Rise

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I scattered my father’s ashes last Friday – Halloween. I felt the day was appropriate. On my way up the mountain, I realized something. As I carried the weight of my father to his final resting place, I grasped just how tired I am. I’ve carried my father’s weight, my mother’s weight, my ex-husband’s weight, my boyfriend’s weight, and the weight of just about anyone that ever needed anything. And what did it get me? Adrenal fatigue, which isn’t improving because I’m still carrying everyone else’s weight.

I’m not blaming anyone for this. It was my decision – consciously or not. It’s what I’ve been do-ing all my life. But I can’t keep doing this. Friday, I sat down my father’s weight. I sat down my mother’s weight; my ex’s; work’s; my boyfriend’s. I will no longer be carrying anyone’s weight – emotionally, mentally, physically, financially – aside from my own. I can’t.

I emerged from my father’s ashes with a new perspective. I pulled two cards after I scattered his ashes and asked him for his wisdom. The first card I pulled was Freya. The message was to unleash your adventurous side; take risks and be daring. This was Dad telling me to stop working so much and start enjoying my life. If there was one thing my Dad was really good at it was balance, segmenting his life. There was a time to work and a time to play and rest and chill out and just be. I’m fabulous at the former, but not at the latter. That was my call to action. Then I asked him how I was supposed to learn to be, to rest, to relax. I pulled the Nurture card from the Healing Deck: I support and protect those I care about. Though he meant it for me: I support and protect me because I care about me. Translation: I need to take care of me and focus on me so that I can learn to relax and unwind and actually have a little fun in my life.

As I write this, I asked the Goddess for guidance. I pulled Ostara, Goddess of Fertility: “It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions.” Translation: it’s the perfect time to give birth to the new me, the Goddess Awakening to her true potential, to her ideal life. It’s time to speak my truth and walk in my power. My Healing card for the day only reinforced this:  Grow: I enjoy every day as an opportunity to grow. This card is telling me not to be so hard on myself, to realize that everything that has happened, every decision I made brought me to this point. Without every single moment of sadness, every single moment of joy, anger, bitterness, resentment, love, disappointment, healing, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Out of the ashes, I shall rise. But my rising is done in gentleness, in acceptance, in forgiveness instead of self-blame, self-criticism, self-judgment.

It’s not my job to take care of anyone else. I can barely take care of myself right now. And yes, I did this to myself. I own that and take full responsibility for my choices, but moving forward I am going to be making different choices – ones that honor me.

What burdens will you let go of today? What decisions will you make to honor you today? What ashes have you risen from?